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!HELP! for Dashboard Light

General call for HELP please.

When I press the brake pedal I get SERV and the battery fault ! (exclamation) light up on the dash. Anyone recognise this ?

Sounds like your 12V battery is failing. There appear to have been a few failures on Twizys, they show up as different faults.

How are your headlights? With and without the ignition on?

Eep. This doesn’t sound good. If you want to check your 12V battery, it’s pretty easy to get to: Crouch down on the ground in front of your Twizy and GENTLY pull the lower front bumper down (the bit with the number plate on). It’s hinged at the bottom, so should flip down, letting you get to the 12V battery. You can then take a direct measurement of the battery this way.

I know I sound like a broken record, but one of the new features of OVMS is a 12V battery monitor. It warns you if either battery is getting low. (12V or 58V)

How strange! Last night and this morning my Twizy did this. (See picture)

And no it’s not cos my twizy appears to be stored on its roof. Flipping iPhone!!!

Well, got to Renault. Servicing and Tecnical are closed on weekends.

They said to run it down to 50% and then see if it charges.

It did charge, right to 100% so it might be the 12V battery.

I have to go back Monday.

Renault computer say NO… Faulty brake pedal switch. Hmmm. Strange. They replaced the brake switch and the fault has gone away so far but it was intermittent/ Watch this space.

I came across something new to me today. I reversed with the hand brake still partly on, the car beeps at you to warn you.

Oh!I came across something new to me today. I reversed with the hand brake still partly on, the car beeps at you to warn you.

Done exactly the same thing! :smiley:
Thought there was a fault until I realised the handbrake was not fully off… :redface:


I think I got exactly the same fault today. The car drives fine except when I stop at lights, it beeps at me as soon as I put on the brakes.
It was very wet last night and I’m sure it was the damp British weather that must have affected it. Seems fine now that the sun has come out.

Mine is still with Renault. Not because it is serious but the “expert” is in Liverpool and they cannot get my twizy there till Monday. They best not drive it through the tunnel before I get to!!

Been given a Nissan leaf as a cover car. Wow that thing flys. If the twizy had that performance I would be in heaven. Spongey stearing though.

oh and it has a radio, which is very impressive sound wise.

Bassflex, i cant believe you have not been through the tunnel in it yet. Would you go for the free lane? Bet the tunnel Police wouldnt know what the rules were.
The Leaf is fantastic in my view. Joining the M53 towards Wallasey, just floored it to get up to speed, looking over at the traffic, when i looked at the dash couldnt believe how fast it was going. Rapid and quiet.

I know I got to 93 without realising. It kills the battery quite quickly though.

Think I will take twz through the tunnel this weekend. Going to get up early and do a video on how far a summer charge will get you. Plus doing it early makes it less likely for cameras to get nicked when being left on road sides for arty shots. That’s the plan but sometimes waking up at 5 am part of you brain says “this is silly, go back to bed.”

Ok renaults diagnosis was a fault on the cooling fan. But no fault was found so they cleared the error and I have to see if it comes back, and take a picture of it. Hold on a min…

Renault put a couple of push clips either side as a later mod to stop the number plate making that front panel hinge down (apparently they weren’t supposed to. My 12v battery had expanded and misshaped quite badly, I know in other uses those type of 12v 12ah batteries do that from over discharge / over charge. Mine has had charger problems. It’s probably worth taking the cover off the battery (2bolts either side of it) and having a look at the sides to see if they are bulging if you suspect 12v battery issue…

Windows, stereo, 98mph… I look on enviously at your posh fangled tech! Dartford Tunnel in Kent let them through free, the Twizy is an “Open Quadracycle” :slight_smile: