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Help. My Twizy won’t go!

Hi all! I hoping someone can help me please.

My 12v battery went flat so I jump started Twizy then plugged into a socket and allowed the car to charge.

Now when I turn the car on the GO light doesn’t come on and it will not allow me to drive it. It bleeps as usual but no light and when I put it into D or R it doesn’t move at all

Any ideas please? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

You will need to recharge the 12V battery first.

If the 12V battery is flat or low voltage it will cause numerous problems with the Twizy.

Ok. Thank you!

12v batteries never really recover from going flat.

12v battery expensive as I just replaced mine and was £95 plus fitting with local franchised dealer. If you store your Twizy up in the winter best to remove the fuse (get dealer to show you how) and that should save some charge!!

ouch that’s proper expensive , you can also leave a smart charger attached when you are not using the Twizy.

How do you fit a smart charger, (and where can you get one please!? :heart_eyes:) as 12v battery is so inaccessible!?

take a look here

the 12V battery is behind the plastic panel where the front number plate sits , it’s very easy to get too, remove two plastic clips on the side and two screws on the bottom.

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