Help needed please 😁

Hi all. I’ve just come to use my Twizy and although the display is showing 98% charge, there is a message “error” and the " Serv" and “Stop” warnings are illuminated. I’ve not used the vehicle for a week or two but never had a problem before?? I can’t get the handbrake to release either. Sorry if this has been discussed before but any advice is welcome. Cheers :+1:t2:

Sounds like the 12v battery is flat. Try charging it up and see how you get on.

Try jump starting it.:grinning: @Julianh is right it could be the 12v battery. It may need to be charged separately to get it back to having enough power to turn on the dc2dc charger.

Same problem I had which ultimately led to Renault changing the 12V under warranty

Same result here mate :+1:t2: