Help needed with fuse box

Sorry for being such a Girl but please can someone explain to me how to get into the fuse box? Got a problem with both lights and I dutifully got out the instruction book which says “apply handbrake and unclip flap A”…well I cannot see for the life of me how to unclip the bloody thing. Can anyone tell me in words of one syllable? thanks

Just put it harder , its well connected , wont brake as its strong.

pull from the top or the bottom?? Feels very flimsy to me…

start from the top, so closer to you . You cant brake it , so pull down to floor

Send me your plone no in pm and ill make you a video on whatsapp if you dont make it

Thanks Luka managed to get it off then found I did not have pliers small enough to get the fuses out. So frustrating! And I am puzzled because I have lost the dipped headlights on both sides but one has a 10v and one a 5v …so no idea whether to put 2x10 or 2x5 v fuses once i finally manage to get hold of the correct tool. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Buy the same ones ,any shop that sell car ot motorbike parts. And to get them out take that thing that woman use for their eyebrows :slight_smile:

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I’ve got exactly the same problem at the moment, I have checked/changed the fuses, still no dipped beam on both sides. I am going to check the bulbs next.

Please let me know how you get on, Glowworm…strange that both should go down at the same time when different bulbs and different fuses

Why didn’t you ring me Sophie?!

I would have popped over. I’ll email you.

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Nope! Still unable to extract the fuse even with my best tweezers! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

@Sophie, please try radio pliers or long nose pliers ( same thing really). It’s my best guess that it’s the relay or the switch on the steering column. But I will take the bulbs out and test them when the weather breaks first.

Have you got another vehicle ? If so have a look at that vehicles fuse box. Most other cars will have a fuse pulled attached to the fuse box lid. They are normally a bright yellow little tweezer looking device that hook perfectly onto the fuse.
I took one off my “normal “ car before I part exchanged it and now keep it in the Twizy’s glovebox.

So, prompted by the looming MOT I checked the bulbs, both fine. So today I tried to strip the panels of dash to get to the back of the left column switch. Does anyone know what the red,yellow and blue wires go to from the switch? I assume this is horn, side lights and dipped beam. I propose to find which one is dipped beam and introduce a dash mounted switch for the dipped beam and its the column switch that’s faulty. Any help as always much appreciated. Does anyone know if the Twizy body work is ground or is ‘live’
Lets hope I can keep my Twizy on the road! It’s just turned four years old.