Help please! Stolen battery from Twizy!

Hello everybody,

some lovely thief has unfortunately stolen my main battery from Twizy! :frowning:
What are my options now? I have only called Renaults in Czechia and they quoted me 6500 EUR for a new battery…

Is there a way of making my own? Buying used somewhere? Getting battery from dealers in the UK, France or Germany?

thank you very much for your help!


one more thing!

My Twizy is 2013 and I bought it second hand

How does a Twizy battery get stolen? Surely they would take the whole car.


I’m sorry to hear that but I’m dying to know how can a 100kg monster well bolted in a car can be stolen. It takes hours to dismantle that thing so it can be used again.

If you get the proper tools it take about 45 minutes to get it down … but it sounds really strange that they only took the battery.

If you get some german language capacity >>

Also Kenneth Nielsen (PowerBox maker) is offering 9KWh Li-Ion packs for Twizy… the original Twizy pack are 6,2KWh (if I am not wrong) so with Kenneth pack your Twizy can got other 100 Km rang he said. I read he is selling them for about 3.5 k euros if still the same.

Read my previous post first please.
But if you are still in needs of other options I could have in a few weeks an second hand battery from a T80 Twizy… not yet sure.


thanks a lot for your responses!

I guess it takes 45 min if you have the right tools and lot less if you are inconsiderate to the rest of the vehicle while steeling it:)

My guess is that they did not want to bother with the rest of the car as it is not worth much and easier to just hide the battery.

That is a great forum! thanks again! I will search there, I am not particularly interested in long range, as long as the car can do 30km on charge, that’s all I need.
If there is a used one coming up please let me know. I am driving to Spain and back to Czechia in upcoming week so I could actually pick it up.

I would bet that it would have been easier/faster to take Twizy completely. … it could take 45 minutes to take down the battery pack if in your own garage with proper tools yes, but difficult to imagine it done that fast in the street :wink:

Let me know your dates in spain… or at least when you pass across France.
Not yet sure if and when I will have answer for the used battery pack from the Twizy T80.

Use PM for details.

Dont you guys have Insurance ??

I am going to put it onto my Twizy, test a full charge + ride to see if it gives 50 to 75 km and recharge full to read afterward the SoH from CanBus module.
That is all I can do.
As said in PMs I’ll play midlman to see if this can help (without economical interest). I cannot garantee anything as it comes from a private user saling his battery. I found him looking in second hand equipment sales websites (here it is a few months ago.

Already heard the stolen battery story from a south Italy guy… they actually did it in less than 20 minutes…you should install a tracking allarm sistem…the app on your cellphone will let you know if the car releaves shocks…i think this is the only way to do it so fast…

The big airjack lifts the entire car… than you will put 4 pieces of wood to maintain the car…releasing the bolts and the connectors the motorcycle airjack will take down only the battery…


I have the same lifter/hydrolic big jack :wink:
Still, just disconnecting the connectors (especially the two big onces HV) because of security clips are taking me 5 good minutes…

I can assure you it can be done in 20 minutes…all you need is some help and the right tools…the 3rd time I tooked off a battery I did it in 40-50 minutes all by myself …the trick is the attached level instrument to get the car well balanced until you get under the four supports…the other option is a modified airjack…larger and longer forks…as for the owners I advice an allarm sistem or leaving always the car parked on non leveled ground…

Would be nice to have some details …I don’t think we are talking about virtual BMS as I see modified instrument panel… Reminds me a cinese inverter kit…

The set is of Curtis 1234 + Display of curtis and a few small additions. And the type of battery doesn’t matter just the 48 volt . Give the phone to the e-mail [email protected] …Wiber or WhatsApp ?

Update: no luck:)

Do you guys know on any used Twizy batery for sale?