Help!!!! What do I do - 2

I came home yesterday from work and plugged my 2012 Twizy in to charge as normal.
Nothing… Checked the fuse etc and couldn’t find anything wrong.
Plugged it back in and it started to charge as normal.
Looking on the 'Net seems my old 2012 charger is about to self destruct. :pensive:
A new Charger is reported to cost approx £900 + labour fitting costs, so say approx £1100 final bill :flushed:
My Twizy has 28,500 miles on the clock and the battery is 8 years old.
The gearbox is also noisy and clunky, though it still drives fine.
With the battery rental contract I have nobody is going to buy a ‘Spares or Repair’ Twizy :cry:
So what do I do?

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If you were looking to sell, I could be interested.

The charger is an easy fit if you follow peters instructions on here. I did it in an hour. About £700.
Change the oil on the gear box but they all make a noise.
Good luck

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Good luck indeed, let us know if you do it yourself, either way still a fair bit of money to spend - wait until you have brake issues as well, although Osbrook has managed to fix his, a few of us had to get them them fixed for a lot of money as well

My Twizy has done 29,000 miles, I am very familiar with brake issues :confused:


What break issue, can you post a link please?

Always interested in any broken or for sale Twizy’s

Touch Wood the Twizy has been behaving itself and charging :blush:
But I will bear in mind for the future


I’ll be selling a battery and charger next week. I just need to get them out of my Twizy. No lease :slight_smile: