Help with survey

Hi all, can you please help us out with a short survey for our startup within the EV industry? Please follow this link (it will only take a couple of minutes):
Very much appreciated!

The survey doesn’t appear to explain what it is about or why. Just what we think of a Name. If it said why and what the product was it might help.

An ‘EV UNGO’ sounds like an Electric Vehicle that doesn’t go - poor English UN GO.

EVUGO would be better or UGOEV.

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Nope, EVUGO sounds too much like EV Yugo. We all know what reputation that make had lol

EGO - but that begs the question what cars they would need in their fleet.
Jaguar I-Pace?
Definitively not a Twizies

This opens up options for pay per use model for a car share scheme: EGO TRIP
Charging Stations: EGO BOOST

Shall I get my coat ?