I will soon be a twizy owner and i need some suggestions for extras and other accesories to put on the twizy.
I want to make my own custom one! :-))
Also if there is anyway to take the speed limit of the twizy 45.

Welcome to the group. Where are you based?

The first thing is fit the Renault Front Mud Flaps - a Must.
Then it’s up to you, ideas - Running Lights, LED bulbs around, Extra Brake lights, Audio system.
Look at Wraps if you want a custom car.
Hud system might be cool for a Twizy

The 45 is a lesser known version, however there should be no reason the tweaks that can be done to the Twizy 80 cannot be done to the Firmware of the 45.

Thank you,
I am based in Marbella, Spain but im italian.
I got some guy to do a custom audio system but he said that will consume a lot of the car’s battery

Mud flaps as said above are essential, but the Renault windows are hopeless and spoil the Twizy, just choose the doors and a coat!
Bluetooth is nice but you can rig something else up if needed.

Most important is to choose a dealer which is fully behind ZE and is interested in the Twizy rather than selling them because they have to!