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Hey People, New member with a twizy question

Just purchased a twizy for the business, the idea is to use the twizy to quote jobs and advertise. Quick question, where about’s are people displaying their tax disks? As the guy at Renault said your tax disk may need to be locked away when you park. Are people locking them away or displaying them on the dash as normal?

Welcome to the group. If you are worried about your tax disc, then pop along to your local motor bike shop and get a tax disc holder from there. These tend to be more secure. Like all things it is not perfect but motor bikes have the same problem and I have never lost one.

The police can now check you’re licensed on-line, but I think you still have a statutory duty to display the tax disc. We are planing to laminate ours and glue them on, but a cheaper solution might be to display a colour photocopy - or at least make one up in case yours is nicked. This is almost certainly illegal. I like the idea of a motor-bike holder, but you’d still need to find a way of securing it and I don’t know what the legal options are if you have a windscreen.

Interesting bit about the windscreen, isn’t that cars and not quadracycles ?

I have seen the laminated ones for sale on ebay. Still need a way to retain it in the vehicle.

Love this idea, just checked out your site, i’ve been in the gardening business all my life despite working a city job now. Been toying with setting up my own green gardening business with a Kangoo ZE and electric power tools. Most people dont realise the emissions on a domestic petrol mower for 1 hour is equivalent to a petrol mondeo running 20 hours.

My dads business almost bought the kangoo ZE but the 30% dearer insurance such as we have come to expect with electric cars put em off.

Think the Twizy is a great advertising tool as it grabs so much attention.

I think its the duty of your dealer to supply a suitable tax disc holder for the Twizy. At Renault West London they went to great lengths to find a secure motorbike disc holder which works a treat, besides a tax disc for an electric vehicle is distinctively free and would hold no value on another car.
The problem I have is with Pay & Display tickets which are so easy and tempting to steal.

Where did they put your tax disk holder - does it bolt on somewhere?

Why buy Parking tickets then, they where obviously all stolen :lol:. In a small town like Chesterfield they have just changed all street parking to being on Meters, however they forgot to put in charging points at the same time. So now the only places in town to part are in pay and display! There are always some exceptions but usually very busy.

I get hit both ways with Parking. 1. the Motorhome is too long for one space (and then only if there is no height barrier) and 2.we can park 3 twizys in one normal space.

Just buy a tamper proof tax disc holder. Cost me £1.50 from a bits and bobs store in town. You laminate the tax disc holder, and it destroys the tax disc if anybody tries to peel it off! I’ve not had any problems so far with things like that anyway. I think most people are more trustworthy than we realise.

Welcome ! I have a motorcycle holder and its screwed into the left hand bolt of the rear number plate. However I also saw at the Renault ZE roadshow they had done same but bolted it inside the front wheel arch on the body behind the wheel ( theres a bolt there they’ve used ).

Whay happens when you get a new tax disc, will it not be messy getting the other one off to put the new one back on.

I did not even consider this issue.

makes you realise windows are not just to stop the rain. :rolleyes:

It made sense to our business, we can go out and look at 4 - 5 jobs a week, costing between £5-£8 per job quoted in fuel plus the wear and tear. We are looking to switch over to electric vans, I just want to see how the twizy performs before we commit to the electric van switch over. It’s like anything though, buying an electric car/van is still a new idea to the majority of the world. Once the demand is there, Im sure the insurance/cost per car/van will reduce.

I’ve already replaced it once as I changed my plate. Easy peasy. Just take it off and buy a new one. £1.50 once a year isn’t exactly expensive!

Ill take a photo of it when I get a chance, it really is a non issue.