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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Hi all new Twizy owner 😃

Get my new Twizy delivered Friday/Saturday and can’t wait. Although I’m a little concerned about the posts regarding brake issues as lm not very hands on and didn’t realise owning a Twizy would involve getting down and dirty with spanners :flushed:.
Anyway glad to be involved and Hi :+1:

Welcome. Only a few unlucky ones had brake problems, so don’t worry. Besides, it has 4 years warranty, so no need to get hands dirty.

Welcome, cannot believe there will be another Twizy in my area. Some mad people about.

As Askho says, not to worry too much about the brakes, I’ve been okay with mine and I drive mine in all weathers. There are things with the brakes that may not be covered. But if used regularly the brakes are fine. A lot has to do with corrosion on the brake cylinders through lack of use.

DM me with some details if you want to meet.

Yeah, don’t worry. Be the best decision you ever made!