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Hi from a twizy admirer

Hey, I’ve lurked this forum for the last week or so. I love the twizy and must have one, even tho I have no direct use for one! when i bring myself to part from my go karts I’ll have some space in the garage… I am a fully qualified Electrician and run a small electrical contractors. If anyone has queries over electrical rules regs or requires a rolec wall pod, ouside socket etc please feel free to PM me.

I for now will be envious of all the owner!!

Welcome, We too stalked these pages before deciding to get the Twizy. We use ours for quoting in, saves driving the big vans around. Absolutely perfect. Extremely useful forum aswell. When are you looking to get one?

my work is 30mi+ away on dual carriagway so can’t use it for business purposes… other wise I’d Have one already. I’m going to let the winter pass/spring come before i sell my Karts which will make way for twizyness. then look for a nearly new/ used example.

If you’re waiting a while, go for a sky roof when you finally do get one! They look really nice. I couldn’t wait tho so I just have a bog standard roof :frowning:

I could fit a StayWell catflap as an opening sunroof :lol:

I’ll just have to wait and see what comes up! :smiley:

the more bits the better.