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Hi from Az

I just found this website and thought i come in for a vist or a chat .I been looking to replace my car with a smaller vehicle that could get me into town and back out to the house .Since i drive just under 20.miles a day round trip into work or into town for shopping i was wondering if there is a way to get the Twizy into the states without alot of problems .

Here in Az we are allowed to drive a golf cart on the road with tags and regular driver’s lic’s so could it be lic’s here in the state for one .

Hey henry!

AZ eh? I guess even you guys are suffering the cold at the moment (I believe you’ve had a couple of nights of unusual frost!?) Or are you somewhere a little colder, like Flagstaff?

The biggest problem getting a Twizy imported to the states is the battery rental. You’d need to persuade Renault to let you hire the batteries from the US, which may cause it to baulk. That’s because Renault doesn’t sell any cars in the US at the moment.

However, I am aware of several US twizys which have been privately imported, using a UK or European address for the battery rental.

Do you have anyone in Europe who could help out?


Yes I have a good friend in London and we are talking about having it paid in a once a year lump sum to the dealership there in London .

He the one who turned me onto the vehicle there after he sent me a video of him driving one around town on a test drive along with him telling me it would be perfect for me because of the into town for work driving .most of my drive is about 4 miles of paved road and the rest of the drive is on hard packed dirt road out to the house which is about 5.1/2.miles of back road driving to the house in the backcountry outside the town .

Hi Henry,

Sounds great.

What are the NEV laws in AZ? The Twizy 80 has a top speed of 52 mph, while the Twizy 45 is limited to 28mph – which I suspect would be more in line with MOST NEV laws int he U.S. (I used to write for GreenCarReports, so I know the US market a little). But I can’t remember if AZ is one of the few states with a 45mph NEV limit?



There’s talk of importing to South America http://green.autoblog.com/2012/07/11/renault-eyes-eastern-europe-south-america-for-twizy-ev/


The only other thing I’d add is that you’ll need 240V charging :slight_smile:

Can’t offer any insight - sorry, but just wanted to say that it would be very cool if we had an American owner on the forum.

Imagine the looks you would get in the States! You would probably be the only person with a Twizy for hundreds of miles in every direction.

The area I live in az is mainly a retirement area and it the home of
the golf cart

Hello all
I am Aamya and just join this site,.I am here to discuss and share much information among each others,.And also want to welcome all here.

Who we are?

Welcome to the world of Twizy owners.

Hello from a fellow Yank. I hope you get your twizy. I’d love one and will eventually get one here in central NC by hook or crook.
It will look good with my smart. I don’t think there will be a problem in the long run because the same motivations that hold true for Europeans hold true for us here in the states. It’s just too cool a vehicle not to be imported eventually. I hope to have one before “eventually” however.

A question re: US sales:

I understand after reading many articles about the US car market, that sales of a car can be destroyed in a short time by having faults that Americans will not put up with, unlike the English who seem to accept problems as part of the deal.

Although the Twizy is an excellent idea and drives very well, will it be hampered if these faults are not sorted before US launch…?
1/ Sticking throttle pedals
2/ Brake issues
3/ Charging issues (may only be a problem with UK 253+ volts)
4/ Minor stuff such as hazard light switches sticking once wet and draining the battery

It may be that many of the above will not be relevant in certain states as the vehicles will be stored indoors and used in fine conditions only.
I understand there are many small EVs which now can be used on the roads, much to IIHS’s concern, but Renault is not in the US, so I guess it will be launched as a Nissan with a different name? Or as a sub-brand like Acura is but relevant to electric power only?

After years reading about recalls and the American cultural approach to cars, would it be better for Renault/Nissan to fully shake down and sort the Twizy in Europe before a US launch, so that it does not become a pariah?

I’m guessing the we are the guinea pigs doing the early testing for Renault and once the issues get sorted and the model is facelifted with better doors/windows it will be finally launched in the US under a Nissan sub-brand (something like PURE or Eco related), to a young audience who may forgive it its faults if they then occur.

Comments welcomed…

Do the grey market import method I use, strip for parts, mail in separate containers, assemble, print out an authentic-looking MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin document contains VIN, the address of the manufacturer and the date, if not present, some DMV workers may chose to just use the day that you register’s date on the registration document) and then register!

This way you could title it for more than just a commute, I have titled a lot of not-conforming vehicles, and let’s just say, in the Mid-West, no-one gives a shoot about what you’re driving. You could title a Mobility Scooter with a F-16 engine, and because of no annual inspections or emission/smog checks, South Dakota would let you ride in it on the streets

On that note, anyone need a hand in importing a Euro-spec car, technically, I can’t get jailed for sending car parts over, so I risk nothing. I send the whole car in parts that can be screwed together. Sneaky? Yeah. Illegal? Nah, if the parts are made by different manufacturers (which they are, the company which makes gear shift knobs is different from the one who makes the hand brake handle) then it’s OK