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Hi from Ibiza

Hello there my name is Rupert and I am from Ibiza. I recently switched from a 50CC scooter to the Twizy 45 for safety and because I wanted to try something new. I have the most basic model without doors or windows and no audio system (for that I use a small hand held radio:biggrin:) which is perfectly fine for me considering the weather is quite good. I love the car and especially the fact that it`s electric which means almost no running costs, since I got the car I am much more outdoors and exploring new places! Also love the short turning circle and ease of parking it.

I joined this forum to find out more about my car and learn and share tips and advice with other Twizy owners.


Welcome, Rupert. Must say I envy you. Ibiza is the perfect place to have a doorless Twizy. Enjoy.

Welcome. Shame you will not get to test it in the snow. Joking of course
Just the Twizy in the sun is much better.

You lucky so and so.

Did you know the Twizy was launched in Ibiza?
Early 2012, my brother is a Renault General Manager and told me about it. Said it was a brilliant car for over there.
I had my first drive of one on my birthday in April 2012 about 2 days after they went on sale in the UK.

Would still love one.

Get One :slight_smile:

i would but unfortunately she who must be obeyed will not drive one.
I told my eldest if she passed her 11+ i would get one.
Wife works in Hoylake and daughter passed 11+ and is going to West Kirby Grammer so i thought it would be ideal.
Missus still says no!

Also this was before i got onto the Renault management cars scheme.
Maybe Twizy2 will be different.