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Hi from lonely sunderland

hi im jood, got my twizy in april love it but need an owners manual, and a seat belt extension.Got fab lined trousers from cotton traders and my marks and spencer thermal vest seem to be srving me well. Also been getting some stretchy driving gloves from fenwicks Newcastle. My Twizy has doors and windows. C ant post photo as im a technophobe!!! Im the only one in Sunderland with a Twizy, and they’ve taken out the 3 pin charging points!!! I see you can buy one for £150, I don’t think I will be bothering as don’t go all that far!!! I really miss having music in car. Anyone got any tips, but remember I couldn’t fit anything myself!!! Havent had any major problems other than doors DO NOT open with hydraulic assistance, I have to heave it open which is a biy of a bugger!!! No one will sit in the back so im overjoyed as used to have the job of picking everyone up for nights out. Anyway looking for a rescue pooch very small, so back seat will be ok for them with a harness on!!! Havent had any problems getting shopping in, I just pack it in around me, especially the plastic bottles, also utilise the storage compartments, so all in all im ecstatic. Could do with an internal light, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Also if you know any other person with a Twizy in the North East!!!

Strange I was looking for the exact solutions as you for the internal light and music and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth the bother. The Twizy is so noisy that you can hardly hear anything properly if you go at a resonable speed. Besides, most journeys will be short. Try listening to music with earphones, although I am sure that is not recommended for driving. The best solution I have come up with with internal lighting is one those circular LED lights that has got a self adhesive back which can stick to the roof. But then I thought, how often will I go out with the Twizy in the dark. Not often. I have a similar problem with one of the doors not lifting totally by itself. Don’t forget the windows add a bit of weight to the doors. Will have it looked into next service.

I’ve passed on the idea of adding audio. By far the safest feature of my Twizy is the ability to hear other road users and even if in my mirror blink spot, I can hear the engine so know not to make a manoeuvre. All this would be lost if the speaker pods were active, and, as already said, distanced travelled are short so no biggie.

As for an internal light, I used a SMD self-adhesive strip which has 48 little squares that light up with a warm (rather than blue-tinged) light. Perfect for these winter months.

I too passed on the audio in the end, but thought a light would be good. I ended up with a Maplin LED torch for a tenner, which stayed in the glovebox, but the idea of an LED strip is good.