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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Hi*from Netherlands

Hello it,s nice to meet you all

I drive every day with my Twizy 54km to work. The road speed is 80km/h. I drive to my work with full trotle
My driving range is 60km . In the Netherlands often blows wind then I just get 45 km. If that happen I must load the Twizy at my work.

It a pity that ther are less Twizy owners in de Netherlands.

Welcome. And Happy New Year. We haven’t got too many Twizy owners in the UK either, only 300+. I supposed it’s the same in the Netherlands, our climate is not really suitable for the Twizy in it’s present form. But who cares, we all enjoy to be in this exclusive club!!

Welcome along, nice to hear that you use the Twizy everyday, I use mine most days, but only do about 16 miles per day.

I am a dutch twizy owner now! :slight_smile:

You bought one so quickly? :o

Yes, haha! I wrote about it in my own introdument topic. I expect to get next monday. I picked a low-milage one(200), pretty expensive, but at least it hasnt been a rental or demo version that people used as a go kart. now i found out that windows are at least 330€ :frowning: