Hi from North Somerset

Hi all, recently purchased and ex-dealer demo Twizy and a new Zoe at the same time, by far (even in the horrible weather we have had recently) I prefer the Twizy, its just so much fun to drive and my kids love riding in the back. I’m currently doing a 30 mile round trip to work everyday, including 15 miles on the motorway!!! As it is an ex-demo it already had the doors fitted and I paid for Renault zip in windows (which are OK, but I’ve since discovered there are a lot of better ones talked about on here).

Look Forward to chatting with you all!!

Welcome. About the doors - They cannot be fitted afterwards, they need to be fitted at the factory. So your car has always had doors.

The Twizy is a lot of fun, and even going though my 3rd winter I don’t feel the need for windows. The Twizy is great in the sun and a lot of fun in the snow. I aways take the Twizy if there is snow about.

Welcome to the Forum, used my Twizy for the first time in about 2 weeks (been on holiday). Have to say it’s still by far my favourite car.
Best without the windows , I just love the fresh air experience.