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Hi from the netherlands

i’m remy, i’m super awesome, and i’m most likely going to buy a ex-demo twizy 80. Within the next 2 weeks. Somehow i can not use a hard-enter to go down a line. well that sucks. When i look at the moon i realize that it is a big roundisch rock that’s far away, yet big enough to see with the naked eye. wow, ain’t that something. I’m drifting, sorry. About the Twizy. It’s very expensive, it has little comfort, it won’t go far between 3 hours of charging. homeless folks can sleep in it - but i still want one. So i guess i belong here at this forum. hmm, Enter button still won’t work. I’m looking at, among others, at a 2012 Twizy for €6500 (+ doors and windows) it has around 3500km on the clock. Is that good or should i bid lower since it’s hard for dealers to get rid of their Twizys? I dunno… I currently use a 50cc scooter and i figured an electric little car would be a nice alternative for my daily trips to work and stuff. Last year I only did 13000km on the scooter so i guess a Twizy has enough range for me. God F^^ damn it, why won’t EnterKey work!? Well, i’ll keep u guys posted about my Twizy purchase. greetings from Holland.

Hi Remy,

When you say 6500 + doors and windows. Do you mean it has these already as the doors cannot be fitted afterwards. The doors need to be fitted at the factory. It is like a different model.

The Twizy is as much fun as the Scooter but without the need to put on all the protective clothing and helmet. In fact I sold my bike after having the Twizy for nearly a year.
Try to get one without the Battery Rental! This appears to be the cause od some problems and some Zoe owners are switching to Leaf’s because of the extra milage they now do.

The idea is to keep the scooter as well. It’s good for longer distances, and does so with little fuel. The €6500 is for a model that has doors already, but windows have to be fitted yet. That would be part of the deal when everything works out. Asking price is €6995,- w/o windows. The advert says 3.200km on the clock. But i suspect that might differ a little.

prices are at the moment:
5000 € without doors
6500 € with doors
with low milage

So your offer of 6500 € sounds ok.
maybe have a look at

And pay attention that they dont sell you a Twizy 45, but a 80!

Now, dealerships charge for making a car ready to run. things, like cleaning, registering the car to the new owners name, some technical services like oil-change and check ups. But should I accept additional costs for stuff like this? The numbers i c with different dealerships vary from 399,- up to 749,-. But a demo-model twizy that i can test drive - seems ready-to-run to me… I guess they can clean it up a bit…check tire pressure - but what else is there to do with a Twizy that has 3500km on it? Maybe there is someone else here that was able to cut the deliverycosts on a secondhand or ex-demo twizy. And why can’t I use EnterKey to make my messages a little bit more appealing to read.

And why can’t I use EnterKey to make my messages a little bit more appealing to read.
I can use it also in the “quick reply”-window, but maybe you can’t. Try clicking “go advanced” below the window when you are typing.

Now, dealerships charge for making a car ready to run.
I am not used to that concept in germany so i can’t say if it is ok or not. Ii would try to avoid it :slight_smile:
Is there still warranty on the twizy?

The Twizy is from 04/2012, so there is a little factory warrenty left. + dealers give 6 months up to a year on occasion cars. Thats pretty solid when they are memebers of a organisation called BOVAG. But after all with the Twizy, the most critical part is the battery. And that is covered by the monthly payments.

I hope to hear soon from 2 dealers to look at & test drive 2 different ex-demo twizys.

In the UK the Twizy ( Most Renaults) come with a 4 year warranty. Would like to think Renault have built the car so it doesn’t need this but…
They also claim they expect the battery to last 10 years.

The Twizys in the UK have 4 years warranty and service and recovery package included if I remember right. My Twizy is also from 04/2012.

In germany they have two years :frowning:

Hm, you could buy a used twizy from UK and get a longer warranty :razz:

:slight_smile: I just hope i can get a nice deal somewhere around 6250-6500 € for an ex demo, low milage, incl doors and windows. problem is that most dealership (as i understand from phonecalls) use them as free rentals for cars in service. So i hope people didn’t rough them up to much. I guess the Twizy is a nice car to throw around as a free car-for-a-day. And I can’t think of an equal alternative for the Twizy when it comes to the electric drive train.

Well… I bought one this afternoon :slight_smile: €7250,- I had has the nice rims, handsfree Phone system, see-through roof, doors (no windows yet) and only 318km/200mi on the clock. It was registered in november 2012 - so it still has some warrenty on it. Now my questions are 1. Where and how do i get good windows (not the renault windows) 2. can i play music through bluetooth?, it has 2 little speakers in it.

so here it is, my twizy


What browser are you using? Do you have JavaScript enabled?

I have NO idea :p, all i know is that on other forums and sites, everything works okay. I managed to add a picture now btw.

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