Hi, it seems I will be owning a twizy soon, need some tips.

Hey guys, I am a 16 year old and my parents were looking to buy me a quadricycle as I am in the process of getting my drivers license so that I can help in the day-to-day. So I suggested the twizy as that is the only eletric quadricycle sold and is way cheaper than the two-cilinder cars which break down A LOT.
We found a 2018 twizy from a local company selling for 4000€, with the battery lease, seems like a good deal.
I have a few questions to ask you guys:
1.What should I look for when inspecting the twizy, any faults which can screw me over in the future? What are the first things to go wrong in a twizy?
2.How do I prevent vandalism? I am going to be using the twizy to go to and from school, and I know there are always those people who get off on destroying what isn’t theirs, so how can I prevent this?

@TheKidWithATwizy welcome to the forum.
There are very few differences between the 80 and the 45. The thing you are most likely to have problems with are the Brakes and the 12V battery.

The brakes are very exposed and as they are not used as much tend to stick on and reduce the range. If not sure just drive the Twizy normally, park up and walk round feeling the centre of each wheel (not the brake disks) They should all be the same and cold, unless you have done some heavy braking, but all should be the same temp to the touch.

The 12V battery is just one of those things. No easy way to test.

There are 2 areas where idiots can cause issues with the Twizy and if not caught will disable the Twizy and both are to do with the electrics. The Hazard warning light can be switched on by idiots or excessive rain. Also the lights can be turned on by some one reaching in. Both will flatten the 12V battery preventing the Twizy from starting until the 12V battery is recharged.

So far in the last 8 years, I had a kid sit in mine uninvited (but was at a show) and a parking ticket thrown in the window space. As mine goes all over the country I have been very lucky.

Thank you very much for the advice, here in Portugal I can drive the 80 version as well, since we can drive with the b1 license vehicles up to 15kW in power.
One more thing, are the locked compartments safe? How safe would a parrot kit for example (like the one shown in the spectrum geeks yt video) be in the car?

No idea I think you know your area better than we do. I have never had anything go missing out of the unlocked glove box, I try not to the leave anything visible in the car that could go for a walk.

I have locked things in the car when out and about. A Gas cylinder - I used a normal cable lock (like a bike lock) to attach to the car just in case. I also carry a travellers wire fishing net type cover/bag that goes over bags or rucksack. Sometime seen in airports to lock a rucksack up while not being watched. See this thread

With the exception of the remote control the Parrot kit is all fixed and hidden so shouldn’t be a problem.

My remote is attached to the steering wheel and nobody’s helped themselves to it yet.

It does unclip though so easily taken with you if you wish.

The control unit is hidden under the glove box, the speakers in the roof and the display fixed out if sight at the top left corner of the windscreen.


Thanks, what about the microphone?

That’s attached above the windscreen and out of sight.

If you can, avoid the battery lease. For a young driver who bound to upgrade when he get his full licence, the last thing you want to do is have to wait around to find someone else to take over the lease.

I remember my first car and it was throw away. Cheap, use, abuse and throw away when done.
And being young/new driver the last thing you want is to crash the twizy and still have to pay the outstanding lease (check your insurance if they will cover the full cost of the battery).

Other than that the brakes arent great, people upgrade the cylinders. Portugal you’ll avoid all the weather issues we have here in uk. It’ll be the perfect vehicle over there tbh.