hide powerbox bt?


im a new owner of a twizy and just got my powerbox bt from kenneth.

i have a question about this box :slight_smile:

do you guy’s that also have one leave it in the twizy?
is there room under that odb2 compartment to leave the powerbox there en get the switch and second odb2 port into the original glovebox(where the odb2 port is) so it cant be stolen that easly?

im just affraid if somebody steals my powerbox :slight_smile:

thx alot

I leave it connected most of the time. If I park in city center or a place where I’m afraid it’s getting stolen, I disconnect it and put it in the lockable storage room.

the lockable storage room is easy to open without a key i read somewhere :slight_smile:

I spent a little time installing mine to solve this problem. (I have a PowerBox BT V1.0 which plugs directly into the OBD socket)

I took the lid off the left-hand storage box and then removed the housing completely.

The PowerBox BT comes with an OBD extension with a switch on one of the lines.

I undid the OBD, plugged in the extension and the PowerBox then poked the switch up into the storage box and reinstalled everything.

The end result is a built-in PowerBox that can be turned on and off with the switch in the storage box but that you’d have to disassemble the dashboard to remove so it’s safe.
I then use the app on my iphone to manage the settings.
Works brilliantly.

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thanks for the reply scott

i have done thesame thing after i read your comment and it fits nice. if the cable was a bit longer it would be more easy but it works and i’m happy with it.

thanks alot

grts johan

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I thougth the same, looks like £7 fixes the problem.