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Introducing the Hiriko Fold, a fully electric vehicle which is able to collapse into a more compact shape when parking. Currently a working concept model the Fold recently was test driven around the streets of Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Basque region of Spain. The idea was to build a vehicle designed with both urban and environmental concerns in mind, and thus is completely powered by electricity, able to provide 120 kilometers of driving on a full charge.

Although the car is only 2.5 meters long when unfolded, the front chassis is capable of being tilted upwards, allowing three of the cars to fit into a standard parking space. The two-seater vehicle has one large door at the front to save yet more space. Each wheel can be controlled independently of the others, allowing for sharper turning and easier parallel parking into tight spaces. The following video shows the Hiriko Fold in action:


Personally it reminds me of a council street cleaner and i think the Twizy wins on design appeal but there are some ideas not to totally dismiss:

  1. Enclosed cockpit
  2. Neat drivers wheel/control pad
  3. Independent steering ideal for town parking

Its expected to be released in Europe in 2013 approx EUR 12,500

What do you think? am i right on the street cleaner look?!?!

Mmm, lot of nice ideas and surprisingly big. I agree in upright mode it does look like a street cleaner, not convinced it even needs to do fold like that, how fast is it, did they say?

I read about this the other day but didn’t see it in action. It looks better in the video than I had imagine from just reading about it. In fact it looks bloody awesome! I would seriously consider selling my Twizy to finance one of these!!!

Not sure at the moment thats all the details i could find but i am sure we will be seeing more of this vehicle over the next few months, its starting to get a lot of media attention from this video

Agree it does have some neat features over the twizy which makes it more ideal for the UK weather so does have one over the Twizy but it does still remind me of the street cleaner lol perhaps in time it will grow on me

People have said that the Twizy reminds them of mobility scooters. Not sure which one is better, a mobility scooter or a street cleaner? lol

They don’t know what they are talking about… LOL perhaps i am just bias, in the down mode it looks great its just the up position i just keep thinking:





You do have a point. lol

BUT, I think I would still buy one :expressionless:

When you do please let me know, so i can take a photo and compare haha

So how does the solar panel on this one work?

When I mentioned it would be good if the twizy could do it, I was thrown all sort of electrical stats and made to feel this big >.<

Looks cool though, is it just a concept?