Holding a charge?

Once a Twizy is charged how long does it hold a charge for when not in use ?
I am still wanting to export a Twizy to a Caribbean island,when we can buy the batteries,if ever ?
Could i rig up a solar panel for trickle charging ?


The manual has some info. First don’t keep it at 100% or at 0% best kept at approx 60%.
Then there is a fuse that should be removed if not being used for a period of over 2 weeks.

The batteries don’t loose a lot of charge so should be fine for months. However the 12V battery is different and once this goes flat you can no longer charge the car until the 12V battery has bee recharged.

No way to trickle charge the traction battery but trickle charging the 12V battery is a good idea.

Thanks for the info.
If we can get out of the battery rental i will purchase a second hand car.The Island has just announced 0% duty on electric cars previously over 40% !

Which island is that?

Avantime, do you own a Renault Avantime?

Yes !

Turks & Caicos !

No but he is a secret agent. Shhhh.


How long would you want to keep it for without driving it?

Very good!

I think you are therefore perfectly suited to owning a Twizy :smile: