Home charging point

I’ve seen numerous companies offering charge points installed for about £100 as part of the government homecharge grant scheme.

Obviously the Twizy doesn’t need to have a type 2 charge point but I’m thinking it would be nice to get one installed for future EVs and if anyone visits with an EV.

I also have a Symphony EV adapter which is what I use for the twizy when I’m out and about so it would be cool to use this at home too.

So what’s the deal? Has anyone else done this? Is it possible to get one of these points installed for cheap with a Twizy? And has anyone got any good recommendations for a company that does this?



I actually got one under the old scheme when they were free! What people used to do was have the Type 2 point installed and then as the cabling was in drop a 13amp outdoor socket out of the type 2 box and plug the Twizy in there. It’s a cheap solution. An electrician doing the type 2 install could do it possible just for the cost of the outside socket and a pint.

Saves extra electrical connections and some one pinching the adaptor.

Good idea about the plug socket.

Well I’ve found some companies doing it for about £100 installed, I just need to work out which point is best.

Has anyone used these guys?


I have under their old name. But that was nearly 6 years ago. Note they are very local to me. The team that did mine did a good job. Fairly easy cable run but an older style MCB that I didn’t think you could get the fuses for but they found a source.

Cool ok. My cable run is short but it does have to go behind cladding which has caused problems historically. I made an enquiry with that company and they’ve asked for a bunch of photos which is quite reassuring.

I see pod point are also doing chargepoints, seem expensive but look nice. But they connect to WiFi?? What’s that about?! I’m not sure I’m comfortable with someone watching what my chargers doing haha!

To get the Government discount they want to see usage stats. Mine had to be connected via a supplied Vodaphone SIM not wifi. However after one year I turn off the point. I have never used it.

So mine was a waste of time having it connected to the SIM.

I’ve applied for one of the £99 points… will see if they commit!

I applied over the weekend but haven’t had a proper contact from someone yet. I Didn’t pay yet… did you??

Interested to hear how you guys get on with this.
What charge rates are you going for?

No point in going for anything less than 32amp if your house fuse is big enough. Type 2 socket (no cable) unless you know what EV you are moving to.

Also be aware the Twizy can’t take more than 10A from the mains because that’s the rating of the built in charger.

I’m going for 32A as osbrook said there’s no point going for less if you house can take it.

Tethered cables are a pain, especially for us Twizy drivers I don’t know why some charging stations have them, maybe to stop us using adapters :unamused:

32A is that the 7.2kw charger?

Yes Watts = Voltage * Amps

240V * 32amp = 7.68kw

Chargedev contacted me today. Twizy not on government list so not eligible for grant. Installation £600+ otherwise. Declined and arranged refund of £99.

They also don’t install on the Isle of Wight , refunded also.

I had a feeling that would happen when I found the eligible vehicles list. It’s a very streamlined list.

Oh well I think I’ll just find a decent sensibly priced charge point and get my sparky to install it, then I’ll have it ready for my next EV whatever that my be!

I wasn’t keen on being “monitored” anyway!

Why bother then with an EV charge point. Just get the sparky to fit standard outdoor socket. Get a ‘proper’ EV charge point at the discounted rate when you get a bigger EV.

Good point, I can get the sparky to run a nice chunky armoured cable so it’s ready for a charge point later.

I fit charge points etc. The Rolec type 2 sockets with built in rcd are around £400 mark new then fitting on top. Most sparks I know charge around £200 mark to fit with certification. I just use an adapter to charge Twizy as we gave a Zoe also.

Hi there,

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has a MyEnergi Zappi charger and if they have had any charging issues.

We have a Zappi (and PV Solar) and use it to charge our Smart forfour EQ.
If you don’t know the Zappi, it essentially allows you to charge the car on the excess energy from a renewable source that would otherwise be going out to the grid.
It has various charge modes, one of which (eco +) allows you to charge from the excess solar only, so if the sun goes in and the excess drops below a certain level (defined in an industry wide charging spec) the charging is paused.
Our Smart doesn’t seem to like this pause, reports an error on the dash, tells us to take it to a workshop and will not start for ~15 mins. Mercedes have had it on their diagnostics and tell us nothing is wrong with the car.

We don’t have any issues in the other charging modes offered by the Zappi (a 7kWh ‘fast’ and an eco where the PVs are boosted by the grid when the sun goes in so charging is not paused).

The good people at MyEnergi tell me this is not a problem with the cars they have tested with (Jag, Renault, Nissan, Tesla).
Mercedes/Smart don’t seem to be interested in having a dialog about the problem which is inexcusable given we have just bought a new car off them – it sound from the responses that we have had from them that they just don’t understand the problem and seem to think I have some heath-robinson system where I’ve directly connected the car to the PV panels!
They have now said the problem is closed and they are not willing to talk further – terrible customer service.

I’d be interested in hearing any experiences of others, positive or negative in this area.

Many thanks,