Home made granny cables

Given the cost of proprietary granny cables, I was wondering if anyone had succeeded in making their own from components such as those supplied by RS Components? I’ve seen videos by Andy Kirby, but despite emailing him asking for a video or advice, I’ve not seen any response. I gather they need a switch to work. I can’t afford to spend £60 on a components which might not work.

Hi Jessica.

What exactly are you after? Turning the 3 pin wall plug into a Type 2 plug?

I can thoroughly recommend the cables from EV Bitz. I bought the 3 pin to Type 2 one, with the waterproof plug socket and having the manual plug release key switch on the Type 2 plug is essential. Had it not been for the ability to isolate the plug, in order to remove it from the charging post, I would have had to abandoned the cable, at public charging point. It may seem expensive at £165 with the extra length cable, but it enables me to charge at the local Aldi store PodPoint without any cost whatsoever. I go there 3 times a week and it means I very rarely need to charge my Twizy at home. I am therefore slowly recovering the cost, so for me, it makes complete sense.
See http://evbitz.uk/T2___UK_13A.html
I can also recommend the cable storage bag from EVINFO, strong and well made for the price. I got mine from Amazon, who sadly can’t supply them at present, but you can see what it looks like here
It looks almost identical to this one which they can supply, and is a pound cheaper too!

Recouping the cost of my EV Bitz 13amp 3 pin to Type 2 Plug adapter cable with free electricity. Thank you Aldi

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I have made an adapter cable myself. @JBS link seems to have the same schematics.

I first made one without the switch. It worked nicely on many charging points, but then I got into trouble. :smiley: My cable got stuck. The type2 socket has claws, it bites into the connector so you can’t remove (steal) it while charging is in progress. If the charging point has no buttons to stop charging, there is no way to remove cable. I had to call service and they shutted down the entire station, uh oh!

Since adding the switch I have had no problems… :slight_smile:

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See my post 16 days ago - you were warned!! Glad to hear that you recovered your cable safely in the end