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I for one would be willing to offer my home as a charging point for a donation towards the costs. As the law stands I cannot resell electricity, but I could charge you to attach your cable to my point. If a network of private house holds were set up like this then it would very quickly expand the network.

Works better outside towns as parking would be easier and this is exactly where the additional points need to be.

There are other issues like H&S, but as a private network of ‘friends’ this can be accepted. We are not all going to trip over a cable and sue.

Now it is easier for me as I am looking at a Twizy with a short range and short charge time (cost). I would plug in wander off for a meal or look round the area and the car would be ready to go when I got back.

Far too simplistic but it’s an idea.

I like this idea. Can see it taking off too as more and more people adopt electric cars. This is something we should look into in the near future!

Okay James you and I should be able to do this between us. What we are doing is setting up a club like the Caravan club, where members have access to facilities that they pay for but are covered by certain laws and agreements.

The Caravan Club was originally for members it is now a commercial organisation. However some members (100’s) run small caravan sites limited to 5 vans only. Some of these offer electric hook up - which is where I am coming from. Also similar is the fact that these do not compete against commercial sites but are cheaper.

So we have an electric car club where some members run hook-up points for other members. The way round the selling electricity is to charge a parking fee. So you can park on my drive form £x and get free access to the charging point. By not making every member have to offer a return service, we can attract ‘town’ folk. Some people may want to offer the service who do not have an electric car. They simply make money on the parking spot for charging.

For me during the summer months I don’t pay for electricity so it would be either very cheap to plug in at my house or I make a profit. :slight_smile:

Now depending on how far this goes. People running the charging point would have to pay the club to have their name listed and an electrical safety check certificate issue. The other members just pay a nominal fee to access the list.

Obviously you have to have a network before making members pay a nominal fee for the list to cover admin costs.

The infrastructure is already in place.

I think I may have over thought this. I wonder if we can make a business out of it? in which case this posting need to be removed.


Actually… It already exists.

Check out plug surfing… And google EV-network:)

The EV network in the UK have a website tha also offers private charging points, on a free use basis (you get to use others points if you give access to yours). I did this for 3 years, but as the site moved to a charging model for listings, I departed.

Wit ASDA offering free recharging at all its stores by December 2012, the problem is less of an issue it once was.

make sure you do your homework re liability… I suspect the insurance industry will require an installation that meets the IET Code of Practice and the last thing you want is to give them a reason to not pay out if you have a fire.

I think I went into that in the detail above. I took it no further, but I am still willing to let members here use my point - At their own risk etc etc.