Home storage using the car

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I’m hoping there are some technical minds amongst you that might be able to tell me if this is a possible idea.

I heard that the new Leaf has the ability to act as a home storage battery. The idea being that 40% of cars are parked, and the statistics say a high proportion are at home. Therefore you charge the car overnight with cheap electricity, use the car battery in the morning and then top up with your solar so that the battery can be used in the evening. Which is actually the idea for home battery.
OK that’s not ideal if it’s a car used constantly or away from home but a Twizy or Zero Motorcycle that might be used less often (ok you twizzers might be using them all the time:) but possibly not in the winter )

So how might you do this, the Enphase battery solution is actually a microinverter in the same box as the battery but these as 2.2kw
So the invertor just sees a DC input and feeds it into the domestic side of the fuse box.

Couldn’t this be done with a Twizy battery or Zero Motorcycle. They are both 7kw which is an ideal home battery size.

We actually have a 10kWh LiFePo battery that keeps us off grid whenever we generate more than about 8kWh of surplus solar in a day. The Twizy battery would be able to do this just as well on most summer days. The idea of using EV batteries as grid backup has been promoted for some time, but proponents are coy about how many complete charge/discharge cycles an EV lithium battery can manage in its useful life.

Domestic batteries don’t suffer the high peak loads that EV batteries have to, so maybe domestic use of your EV battery would have relatively little effect on battery life.

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Such a coincidence that they talk about exactly this subject in the following talk from Fully Charged live (I didn’t go)

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Sytse Zuidema mentions connected houses and specifically connected chargers which are installed in German but I can find any?