Honda Urban EV

What do you guys think? Seems to be a lot of these smaller EVs coming out now. Will be interesting to see how this one develops into a production car.

Looks nice. Hope it will make production.
Reminds me a bit like the MK1 Golf, particularly the C pillar.

Yeah. Apparently they’ve said it will be available in 2019.

Love the look of this! The retro 80’s vibe!

Hopefully it won’t be too expensive, these firms don’t realise that at the moment if you price an electric car the same as an ICE car then people tend togo with what they know.

I wish they’d price them the same as ICE cars! EVs usually command a considerable markup. Just look at the Smart EV, it’s £10k more expensive than the comparable ICE version.

the only way to offset the high cost of the battery is too hire it out like Renault and most of us are not so happy about this :wink: being long time Twizy owners

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