Horn Location and Fix

The MOT is looming up fast and the horn has decided to stop working.
Checked the 15A Fuse (Swapped with another in the fuse box) and that was fine.
I use the horn a lot so it’s not through lack of use!
Does anyone know where it hides?


Orginal video


Thanks for the Information, that helps a lot! :smiley:


You welcome!

My experience is that it could be broken. I have the same. Simple test: take wite between 60A fuse and the horn. I replaced it (bumper must be disassembled) and now it works. For more info you can write PM to me

Thanks for the kind offer
I will keep you informed on what I find!


Stripped the front plastic off the Twizy tonight to get at the horn.
After a lot of swearing I had the horn removed.
First I tried wiring up a headlamp bulb to the wires to see if there was power. Nothing…
Secondly I wired the Horn upto a 12v Supply and it works :confused:
Now what?
Is there a Relay in the circuit?
All the other switches work on the left hand stalk, so I am doubting it could be the button?
Anybody have any ideas?


Looked at a Wiring Diagram for a Renault Megane 2
I know it’s not the same, but I believe it uses the same Switch Stalk???
Anyway, there’s no relay fitted to the horn circuit on the Megane so guess the Twizy is the same…


Fixed the Horn :slight_smile:
It was a broken red wire in the left hand Stalk.
Quite difficult to repair because there was not a lot of wire left in the Stalk.
Had to melt & cut some plastic away to get access to enough wire.
Soldered the wire back on and it now works :smiley:
Hope it holds out, new Stalk is £120+ :drooling_face:



I’ll write up properly soon with Pictures.

My Horn also stopped working and after removing the steering wheel (lots of other checks first) found the Black wire had snapped in side the stalk. I managed to solder mine back on for now with no changes to the plastics.

My Horn stopped.

Checked the fuse - Okay
Checked that the push button was clean - It pops out with a knife point down the side.
While in there you can check power is getting to the points on the switch.
Stripped the front panels off - Lots of Torx screws and take stook long but easy enough. No power getting to horn but horn works if power directly supplied.

Therefore broken wire but where. The only way to find out is totrace it through and this meant removing the steering wheel. Not fun the first time bu you get quicker.

Remote the air back fuse.
unlock the steering and turn the steering wheel upside down.
Using a small Allen key to press the hidden clip in the back of the Air bag on Steering wheel.
To do this is easier to do than explain, there is a small hole in the back of the steering wheel (cannot be seen) insert the long end of the allen key in to the hole until it stops. List he back end up slightly so that it aligns with the bottom of the display surround. As you then press the allen key towards you you should feel the clip move.

This is the Air Bag back in the centre of the Steering wheel.
It is easier the first time if there are 2 people. One person sat in the drivers seat pushing in the allen key and clip and the other hokhing the air bag and sliding it upwards as the clip is pressed.

Everything is easier after it comes off. It is still attached by a cable which needs to be detached from the side.

The Yellow clip on the air bag is a two part clip. First prise the stopper out the back of the connector and then pull the plug out. The picture is of the ‘stopper’ removed so the connector will come off.

Put the air bag down safely somewhere.

The next step is to remove the wheel. A T50 in the middle and unscrew most of the way. Teh wheel is stuck on the splines and takes some pulling and ‘jiggerling’ leaving the nut in the middle stops it suddenly coming off and hitting you in the face.

Before undoing removing the wheel, mark the position on the centre and the wheel so you can put it back on straight.

Make sure you have remove the keys. The picture shows the air back cable after carefully feeding through the Steering wheel. It only fits if you have not put the stopper back in the back,

The steering column surround just pulls off towards the driver.

DO NOT open the central disk area where the air bag cable goes.

To remove the controls and stakes. Undo but do not remove the screw completely at the bottom of the picture above just behind the air bag cable. There are 3 connectors on the top of this next part they are released by squeezing in the clips on each side and pulling them out. Once the clips are pressed in they come out easy enough.

Back and Front of the control section

Finally by looking for a broken wire I found the black horn wire had snapped and needed to be soldered back on.

Re-assembly is the reverse. Slide the controls back on and tghten the bottom Torx screw.
Put the column surrounds back on.
Realign the steering wheel and push back into place after feeding the Air back cable through the whole.
Screw in T50 screw and keep going it takes a lot to push the wheel back down the splines.
make sure it is tight.
Re-attach the air back connector and push back in the stopper.
The slide the Air back unit back on to the clips and push home over the last clip you pressed in at the start.

Don’t forget the air back fuse, else you will get an error light.

The horn needs the Twizy to be fully started before it works. Yes I panicked, while checking the lights still worked but the horn still didn’t. Switched the Twizy on fully to check it still drives and the steering wheel was aligned properly I then pressed the horn one more time and jumped a mile. :slight_smile:

All Good.

That looks like a job and a half!

Fingers crossed mine keeps working.


Happy to help Peter. Its fiddly the first time.