Hot Twizy

Hi all. We have recently launched our Twizy rental business in Bermuda. We have the first 60 on the road and the feedback has been great with one complaint… the heat. In August when the temp reaches the mid to high 80’s with nearly 100% humidity the drivers seat can be stifling. Has anyone else encountered this in a hot climate. We are thinking about an air scoop on the roof that can be shut in the rain. Any advice/feedback would be hugely valuable.


Welcome to the group. Looks to be a big enterprise with that many Twizys and we wish you all the best.

A lot of us have the exact opposite issue, in that there are times when the Twizy is very cold and the seat is covered in snow. Cooling isn’t some thing I have looked into, sorry.

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It sounds like a large job as well to put something in, which will cost a bit and be complex to implement.

Could you do a low tech battery operated fan which can be fastened inside the car, not perfect but a lot cheaper and less complex

@BDAPiers. I know exactly what you mean because even in the UK here, when it gets hot and sunny, it does get very hot inside the Twizy. It’s not helped by the fact that the Twizy was designed in such a way that it’s not too draughty for the driver on the move.
Don’t know what’s the easy answer to the problem. A scoop in the roof will probaby cost quite a bit to do. Can you consider some sort of a flap that can clip onto the front “quarter light” that can divert air towards the driver.

Actually you may have hit on the answer. Remove or add a hinged part to the clear wind deflectors. They are there to divert the wind and rain round the driver… They also keep the dash drier when parked.

Thanks all. Yes the scoop is last resort and the wind deflectors are perhaps the most obvious starting point, although worried that they will crack easily if we try to alter them in any way. Will begin work over the winter in preparation for next summer and let you know what we come up with. Also when it gets cold at home come and see us in Bermuda


A roof scoop can be very effective and might not look too naff. We have one on our race car and the inside has a simple eye-ball vent that can be directed (and closed off) wherever you want. I’d consider fitting one to our car is we didn’t live in the UK with its miserable summer weather.

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I’d be surprised if a roof scoop would provide any benefit. The twizy is far from a sealed cabin.

I’d provide people with a cushion to sit on!

I use my Twizy in sunny Barcelona, so I also suffer from time to time some heat related issues. My car is white with the black roof. In my case, I mostly feel the car gets hot when I leave it charging at the public EV charger, sitting in the sun. The back seat does not get as hot, and the wind gets in there much faster once moving. If your issue is the front seat itself getting too hot, I suppose you may try some kind of wooden bead seat cover. Not my style, but you may find some local shop that may do something with taste. If the problem is the driver feels hot when getting back in the car, I suppose the scoop solution for the roof, at the top of the driver head, may provide a nice breeze inside. It should be ease to install. Similar to aviation canopy scoops.

Your customers just should drive faster :wink: I have to much wind in my Twizy even when is realy hot. But I presume, you have those 45 twizys, so even roof scoops can’t suply enough wind … you must drive fast to have an efect from them.

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