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How do I report a public Chargemaster point, its faulty?

I found that the chargemaster post in southend is dead, both the flaps were open, and nothing was on the display, is there a number or email to report these?

Thank you.

To be honest? They really don’t care. You can call them on their expensive 087xx (criminal from a mobile) or send them a web form from the Chargemaster website.

The state of the flaps is not an issue, but the display not working is. If you call them, they will say they will do a remote restart but this does not fix the display, which usually requires a site visit. They have also told me that a site (a) is currently being used when I’m standing next to it and there isn’t. (b) that a post is fully operational when I’m staring at a blank screen and red LEDs stating it isn’t.

Thats a shame, ive called the office on the normal number, but there was not anyone there who can deal with it…