How do other drivers treat you?

Hi folks,

As a prospective Twizy owner, I’m interested in your experiences on the road in terms of how other drivers treat you. I’ve watched some review videos where other drivers stare in amazement whilst others are more critical.

Also, given the size of the Twizy and the conservative performance, do you ever feel like it’s quite simply too slow or that you are more of a hindrance to other traffic than anything else?

Ive had a vast array of performance cars over the years but for me, the Twizy represents something totally different from the norm and appears to be good fun to drive on short journeys.

All experiences and input appreciated.


mostly people like the twizy and the performance off the mark to 30 mph is very good so in towns twizy is king

When remapped the under 30mph performance is pretty good. The thing I find the twizy is and it could just be me but I’m usually full throttle or nothing round town.

Other cars do tend to bully the Twizy on narrow streets when coming the other way. In town I get comments about brake lights not working as I use the regen so much and roll up to the car in front. But as pointed out the Twizy can be quick off the mark and it also corners pretty fast, which upsets a few cars.

Out here in “the sticks”, there’s a lot of agricultural traffic, so Twizies don’t incur much resentment for their modest performance. On narrow roads, Twizies can even be quicker, overall, than other vehicles because they don’t have to stop as often to accommodate oncoming traffic, and neither does the oncoming traffic!

On dual carriageways a Twizy is easy to pass, but on single carriageway fast roads, we tend to go slower to make it easier for other traffic to overtake, or “turn out” if we seem to be building a convoy! In that respect I think the country could do with a convention that obliges you to do that if you are holding up (say) 3 other vehicles. I think it should be compulsory for muck-spreaders and tractors towing sheep trailers! :grinning:

I think most reactions from other drivers are positive. I get people horning and giving me thumbs up all the time.
In town, driving is absolutely no problem. In fact it takes other drivers by surprise how nippy the Twizy is from 0-30 mph. On long straight A roads I drive very near the curb so to give other road users plenty of room to overtake. If you are considerate to others they will return the favour.
If it is for short local journeys there is nothing to beat the Twizy for fun. Don’t forget it also saves your ICEs from the terrible wear and horrible fuel consumption for short journeys.

Hi Martin
Welcome. I hope you decide to get a Twizy, I took the plunge last August and I have no regrets. It’s not the perfect EV solution and won’t suit everyone but for me it’s been a brilliant way to find out about EVs at an affordable price and it’s become my preferred transport for all short distance (25-30 mile) journeys.

I had the same concerns as you about size, speed and other traffic but they disappeared in the first week. The Twizy is nimble rather than fast so is very efficient at nipping around town. It also feels larger when driving it than it looks, so I’m quite confident about claiming my place in the traffic, even on dual carriageways and I haven’t noticed any negative reactions from other drivers.

Go on - get a Twizy grin!

I guess it depends very much on where you use it. Here on the Canary Islands drivers are really bad but they are very cautious and patient with slow moving vehicles. They can drive for miles behind a cyclist with 15 mph and no one even dares to try and overtake. Simply no one is in a hurry here.