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How do you access the site?

Hi guys

I was just wondering how everybody currently accesses the forums?

Do any of you use the forum runner app?

What browsers do you use?

Are you on a computer, tablet or phone for the majority of the time?

Has anybody identified any problems when browsing the site?


Various PCs running IE 8 and 9.

Iphone 4 via safari.

No Apps

Laptop via Google Chrome, no probs apart from runs very slow at times (eg 45 secs from main board to new posts) when everything else is running quickly

Ipad but just use Google Chrome to view the forum, don’t like any of the forum Apps :frowning:


Tablet or Netbool
No problems
tried apps takes too much memory so unistalled

Chrome on Windows 7 or Android 4.x

I’ve noticed that the site can be a little slow sometimes as well, but when I initially created this site I used some free forum software before migrating over to vBulletin. I also never expected it to become as popular as it has and I’m sure I’m getting hit hard by bots and spammers trying to get in. As you will have seen some of them invariably do manage to find a way through and post. The fact that I never expected it to get this popular means I’m currently on a very cheap hosting package.

However, I wanted to let you all know I’m currently looking at transferring the site to a specialised forum hosting package with a company who have very good reputation for hosting forums, which hopefully should speed the site up somewhat. Unfortunately this does also mean that I will have to try and monetise the site with a few more ads to pay for the more expensive hosting. I’m sure you all won’t mind though :wink:

Another question I wanted to ask is how is everybody with the subject matter on this site? Do you all feel that this site should be exclusively for the Twizy…or would you like to see me expand the forum (with a nice redesign) by maybe including the entire Renault Z.E range and possibly opening the site up to all EVs? We do have quite a few threads in the ‘Competition’ forum, and I know most of you are interested in other EVs, not just the Twizy.

I look forward to your responses :slight_smile:

Hi James

Thanks for the great site-it works so well, I understand the hosting thing as I have the same on my own site.

I would be happy to see ads etc-why not?

Also, adding ZOE and the ZE range may bring in different types of people which may add to a great discussions area.

Cheers and good luck with the move!

Yes James, the site is getting more popular by the day, and better for it , with more content etc. I think bringing in the whole ZE range would be interesting and a good move.

Hi guys

As you have probably noticed, the server move was successful and the site is now a lot lot faster.

I hope this is just the beginning to building a huge EV community here. Watch this space for more exciting developments in the coming months.

As always, if any of you have any niggly issues with the site or any suggestions, please feel free to post them and I will do my best to get them sorted.



All looking good so far. So much faster.
Well done James.


Mega-fast now :cool:

Great works James :wink: