How do you clean your screen?

That time of the year I guess. How do you deal with the moisture and/or ice on the inside of your Twizy windscreen?

Even though I carry a microfibre towel in the glove box, the screen is still pretty dangerous for these early starts. The heated screen function is pretty much useless for my 5 minute trip to and from the station.

Any recommendations?

classic leather shammy seems to be my best way imo. could try something like Rainex, there’s probably an internal version out there somewhere.

Hi @tw_sjo,

Here is a link to my suggestion


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Oops, forgot i’d already created a similar thread in the past! Thanks Pete.

I deal with this daily as our little Crazy Twizy sits outside, and the cold makes the condensation an almost daily issue on the inside of the windshield. The key thing to use is a squeegee which has a long handle, but is not overly wide. Why is this better than a cloth, microfiber, shammy, etc? Is because it does not spread the moisture, it removes it. You still need a towel since when you squeegee upward to the top of the windscreen it will drip on you. So turning on the car, got the defrost on - you squeegee outside first to remove the cold water that helps create condensation, and then you squeegee the inside from bottom to top. It is the fastest way to have a clean window and be ready to drive in 2-3mins. Squeegee does not leave scratches or marks, so when the sun comes out, it reduces glare where cloths can make an inside window messy with a film from the moisture. I hope that helps. :slight_smile: