How does heat effect range?

Hi, as a soon to be Twizy owner in a hot climate I was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback as to how the heat impacts range? Appreciate what the cold does but wanted to know if the same applies when the temp hits the mid 80’s. Any feedback will be a huge help. Thanks

Welcome do tell us where you are from.

The Twizy batteries or rather all Lithium batteries operate best between 10c and 25c above 35c they don’t like to be heavily used ie. Charging or fast driving.

However as you rent the batteries if they do loose capacity then you can ask for some of it to be restored.

We get the best range above 15c up to - well this is the UK and it doesn’t get to 35c. :grinning:

Thank you very much @osbrook. I am located in Bermuda. The temperature never gets above 35c but is on average between 20c and 30c year round. Does that seem like a suitable temperature for the battery?

Sounds great Twizy temperatures.

That’s good to hear. Thanks again.