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How does wind turbine works

Wind power involves converting wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines. A wind turbine is composed of 3 Airfoil structure blades called a rotor. Wind comes from atmospheric changes; changes in temperature and pressure makes the air move around the surface of the earth. The wind makes the rotor spin; as the rotor spins, the movement of the blades spinning gives power to a generator which makes energy.


Wind turbines can be installed on properties, on boats, or caravans. Getting a wind turbine depends entirely on the amount of wind generated in your area. The first thing you need to do is to find out the average speed in your area. Wind power is converted into electricity by magnets moving past stationary coils of wire known as the stator. As the magnets pass the stator, AC electricity is produced. It is then converted into DC electricity which can be used to charge batteries which store the electrical energy or can also be fed into a grid interactive inverter for feeding power into the electricity grid.

And exactly how efficient are these turbines ? I guess you would need a massive one to run your house and Twizy

Size wise depends on how consistently windy it is and how you store that power. With an Electric car like the Twizy and House use, you could need as much as 20Kwh a day average So if it was windy all day and you can store that power you are looking at a average output of 1Kw which needs to be considered in relation to the wind. A Turbine rating, like Solar panels is based on optimum conditions, ie. a high wind speed and not one you would want to live with. say over 12m/s - 28MPH. So like always you need bigger and then get more loses.

The nice thing about wind turbines is they work in the dark and winter. But like all these house based systems the biggest problem is storage. This is why people run Grid tie systems to feed the power back into the grid when they have too much and take form the grid when there is not enough wind etc.

Also consider the noise from a turbine. They are not attached to houses due to the “throbbing” noise transmitted through the joints. Free standing ones do make a noise when spinning at speed. Noise is and efficiency are related to a degree and making the blades run quiet usually affects performance.

Micro Hydro would be better, if you have a river. There is a Hydro generator within 0.5miles of your house Lightly.

You did ask.

It depends what you mean by “efficient”, particularly when the fuel is effectively free. There is a theoretical maximum amount of energy you can extract from wind flow, and the best modern turbines achieve about 75% of that, I believe, which compares pretty favorably with the 20% efficiency of the average internal combustion engine. A wind turbine on your house isn’t a great solution for charging a Twizy, because a 2000 watt turbine that could charge a Twizy directly would be quite big. But it would work 24 hours a day if the wind is blowing, and if you had a large enough battery bank a 400 watt one would capture enough over the course of 24 hours to provide the full charge on an optimally windy day.

A 2kWp PV panel generates comfortably enough to power a Twizy over the course of a year, though it won’t produce the power exactly when you need it to. We have 4kWp PV panels, which generate 5 times the amount of electricity we put into our Twizy, which does 4,500 to 5,000 miles a year. The kind of wind turbine that you find in wind farms produces enough energy for literally thousands of Twizys. We suggested to Renault that it would be good publicity for Renault to install one for every 8,000 Twizys they sold worldwide, so that they could claim the vehicles were carbon neutral in energy terms! :biggrin:

I am well aware of that one, it is very noisy at the bottom of my garden. They spent a fortune on a new one and then scrapped it for some reason. Good job really because it looked an absolute eyesore.

You may like this, its in the spirit of the thread I think


I am sorry to hear that? who offers you this generator? Low noise is a basis of a high quality wind turbine.