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How easy to reverse a Twizy?

Got my Twizy coming next week, can’t wait! :slight_smile:
Just wondering how easy is it to reverse the Twizy without a rear Window.
Bear in mind my Twizy will most probably have windows fitted, does that make a difference?
i know you can get a reversing sensor Kit, does anyone have those fitted?
If so do you think they are worth the money


No problem whatsoever unless you’re an incredibly bad driver!

The Twizy is so narrow that you can pretty much see everything behind you using the wing mirrors. There is a small blind spot on either side but that’s the same as any car.

What spec twizy did you buy? I agree with James, HOWEVER I did nearly reverse into an old lady last week at 7.30 in the morning pushing a trolley and moving so slowly in the dark, I didn’t really see her and she just kept moving. I’m not sure of the real value of the parking sensors unless you are not mobile enough to see around you in the mirrors and you cannot turn to look out the back :razz:

But enjoy that new car feeling - is the dealer a ZE specialist to do all of the servicing etc?
As I bought mine off a competition winner, I didn’t get the dealer attention key hand over… nor did I get any sort of welcome to Twizy ownership or the AA Renault 4 warrany package… would be interested to see what you get except for the handbook so I can chase up the breakdown AA package renault owners get.

What spec twizy did you buy?

its a Twizy Colour with White paint, 351 miles on the clock for £5500 :smiley:

is the dealer a ZE specialist to do all of the servicing etc?

I believe that Renault Leicester is a ZE specialist, they have charging points outside the dealership.
Mind they are only Type 2 (I think…) :frowning:


If you really struggle to park your Twizy there are a lot of Rear Camera Kits on EBay.
My brother fitted one to his Volvo which was a @@@@ to reverse and it worked a treat! :slight_smile:
if you buy the wireless version you only need to take the power off of the reversing light (does the Twizy have one? )
Plug the Monitor into the accessory socket and your done :smiley:


Reversing not a problem, but if going through narrow gaps, u need to remember that the wheels stick out quite a bit, and they dont show in the mirrors too well, so watch you dont clip something. I am very used to mine now and can get it through some tiny gaps.

Reversing the twizy is a real pain for me, I’m so used to the reversing sensors on my other cars, I keep waiting for the beeps, that don’t happen. Fortunately we have an old sofa in the garage, it makes a good bumper!

I mend body damage on cars and reversing sensors are my very best friend-they make up about half of my work as people rely on them and don’t look :cool:
I mend more cars with them fitted than without.

That said, a decent HD colour camera is a good thing-especially when I drive a coach with one fitted.

My Twizy has to fit in a tight spot and I just open the door and look behind-but I have clipped the underside on the kerb when parking before now.

This is simpler without doors! As is going forward through tight spaces.

I havent tried this out yet, but is there a speed limit when reversing the Twizy or will it go just as fast backwards as it does forwards?

I just tried. It has a speed limit. About 8 mph.

I just tried. It has a speed limit. About 8 mph.

You just love wasting Petrol! :lol:


I have the parking sensors fitted from Renault when i bought the Twizy new. I only got them due to no rear window and the fact the main engine etc is in that plastic casing on the rear so one hard smack and your in trouble. Worth every penny and good for blind spots when reversing.

Thanks for for trying it I was curious but not brave enough to try

I drove at an empty parking drive. No biggie. :slight_smile: