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How have people found their Twizy in the scorching heat?

Windows… who needs them? How have people found driving without any ventilation in the heat of the day or stuck in traffic? As the air isn’t trapped inside super-heating in the glass windows, what’s the general opinion?

This is real Twizy weather!! and I am loving it. I have one complaint though. The Twizy is too well designed to be buffet free so when travelling at any speed I don’t get much wind to cool me down in this weather!!

Leave the doors open …!

To be quite honest, in this weather I wished I had a doorless model!!!

I have another problem with this warm weather. The wife now drives the Twizy about - only taken 13 months!
It’s mine not hers!!!:mad:

And speaking as someone who regularly drives both, you’d be right! Some days, doors are just too high a price to pay if you don’t need the luggage space and/or aren’t trying to accommodate a sleeping dog. Oh, and the additional cross-draught is really welcome, too.

I know they say a door less Twizy cannot be retrospectively fitted with doors, but surely someone has tried converting a doored Twizy in this heat?!

I was told by the dealer it’s not that simple to remove the doors, but I am sure it can be done. By the time someone figured it out, our summer will be finished!!!

Stop whining man! You can at least remove the windows, AND you don’t need to wear anything below the waist. :slight_smile:

Are you kidding me!!?? Everything is visible through the semi transparent bottom half of the doors. Ask someone to sit inside and you have a look from outside.


Stop whining man! You can at least remove the windows, AND you don’t need to wear anything below the waist. :)[/quote]

I don’t - I wear a kilt! Just as well it isn’t draughty inside! :slight_smile:

I have removed the doors to fit central locking don’t recommed it takes a long time needs 2 people to put back and involves dismantling outer skin

An - scratch that as an idea then! Are you still wanting rid of those Twizy wheels?

My wife has taken to using my Twizy too. Although I quite like it, she seem to have a bad case of Twiztitus, she keep coming back smiling.

This would never happen in Saudi Arabia.

My wife has been using mine most of the week.

The thought of driving home in my Twizy is the only thing that has kept me going this week. Searing, stifling heat in the office and then - cool freedom! Everyone chats to you in the queues of traffic as well. Very sociable.

Hi all,

here in Madrid during the months of July and August the temperatures can easily reach into the 40Cs although the humidity is a lot lower than back home in Wales. Ive just driven to the shops to run an errand (20 mins each way) and yes I got pretty warm, but nowhere near as uncomfortable as I can get in our conventional car which has broken aircon. An extended trip in that can be an unpleasant experience in these temperatures.

The airflow seems to be just right in the Twizy, seems to help keep you cool but from what Ive heard in most reports somehow prevents you from getting wet in the rain (when it rains again, probably next in September) Ill know more ! The experience for the passenger though sounds much different !!

Mines the base model, no doors, so i’m loving the warm weather on the IOW at the moment, looking forward to some forecast rain on Tuesday to see how wet i’m going to get doorless :lol:

You’ll be fine if you keep moving and there’s no cross-wind!
If you dont’t have them and can afford it, I would recommend the mud flaps - stops a lot of the spray that might otherwise be sucked in when the road is really wet.