How many i8 owners?

Just wondering how many i8 owners we have on the forum? I know we’ve got at least a couple (I think).

What’s it like to drive? What made you choose an i8 over a Model S?

Mr Martin Lynch wanted in isle 4!!!
Martin lynch isle 4 please!!!

@K22MDL that should get him over here haha

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Okay Okay - I’m here!!!

What’s it like to drive? Excellent, like a GT sports car should be.

What made you choose an i8 over a Model S?

Simple - it looks like it is worth the money. The Tesla is a generic shape saloon. I don’t need another big car (I have a Mec CL AMG)

Also the BMW is built properly inside and out. No apologetic materials or fittings used. I am critical of build standards and the US cars generally always fall way behind European standards and I;ve owned many American cars.

Don’t get me wrong, the S is a superb machine but I know what I feel better driving and it isn’t a four door saloon that takes design cues from every other. The i8 most certainly does not.

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I know what you mean. The Teslas are very :flag_us: in terms of styling. The i8 definitely looks cooler!

haha I will duck as my Model X is on order and I love the styling lol

Love the i8 though - exactly how a prototype should look except it is production! If they could just make it kick the Model S in straight line it will get more purchasers I think

I think the i8 is a bit too off the wall for most. At least mine will still be going after the charging points are in-operative!

Model X eh? Bar the hideous new front end they are sticking on the new cars (S included) that looks a lovely car. I saw a new 16 reg S last week and couldn’t believe how el-blando the front is. I know it doesn’t need a front grill as such but there again neither does my i8, but how crap would it be if it was just a plank of plastic with no character at all.

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Just sold our i8 after 8 months. Superb car throughout, but can’t take it anywhere, as you need to leave an extra half hour once you arrive at your destination to deal with the crowds that gather, taking photos, asking questions, when all you wanted was to go for a loaf!!. Cant’ park it either, as you never know when some bugger parks too close to the diver’s door, leaving you having to lie on the ground to climb up into it, if you’ve got enough space.

Had an i3 at the same time, and a Twizy of course, for good measure. The i3 was fantastic in my opinion. Free motoring from the Solar Carport we have, and brilliant acceleration. Could beat my wife’s M3 from 0-40mph, which is ridiculous!!

BMW 330E owner now, which will fill the gap until a plug-in-hybrid that looks decent and has a decent electric range comes along…we’re not there yet…I’ll just have to be patient!!

I think that @K22MDL has one or maybe had one for a bit?

Yep, still do a year in two weeks time. Barley used it along side all the others (including an i3 & Twizy of course). In fact done more miles in the Twizy than the i8 but still love it!