How many left?

Being on Twitter and this came up:-

Means I’m one of only 134 UK cars but not all those licensed ones have still to be in the UK.

They are getting rarer and the price can only rise. When James pruned the user list he possibly selected nearly all the UK owners! Noting some have more than one Twizy.

Wow!! We are an exclusive lot!!
Don’t get the ones that are SORNed. Why? What happens with battery rental?

These could be Dealer ones, else there is no benefits in being SORN. However this would make then unavailable for test drives.

There are 20 on Autotrader.

Main reason for SORN is to save on road tax if a car is not being used. Twizy is exempt anyway. Dealers will have group insurance so test drives are still possible. MOT only applies to the very early models, so dealers can get that sorted no problem. So still can’t see who SORN their Twizys.

Not necessarily. The price may continue to fall as they fall out of favour and fashion until fifty years time when they become a ‘classic’.

Where is this data from? The VEH0128 table from the DVLA shows 382 Twizys at end of Q3 2014.

That is very true but the 134 is for the Technic model. Not all models.

Correct, go back to site and add Urban and Colour model figures to the 134 Technic models and you’ll be about right…