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How many miles? Oct 13

I know it has been done before, but it’s time to update.
I wonder who has done the most miles in their Twizy on this forum.
I’ve got 4060 on the clock. Troublefree so far. Touch wood.

Just over 7500 miles although didn’t drive it from June - September.

Just turned 4500 Miles in my Twizy :slight_smile:
4200 Miles since January :smiley:
Not had any problems yet…Touchwood…


About 4600 here, 1 new charger under warranty.

I have 16-thousand miles (26-thousand km) on mine in germany :slight_smile:

Wow!! That must be the highest mileage Twizy on the forum. Unless you know better.

How many brake pads have you got through so far? :stuck_out_tongue:

They were changed once at the rear. I’d say the second ones at the rear and the first ones in front are now both half worn out. Discs are ok.
Charger had to be changed twice!
minor problems so far: water in the rearlights, seat-base broke, hazard-light-switch went crazy in rain, seat-belt-mounting loosened, wiper fell off once and some more that i dont remember now

tires have to be changed after around 8000 km

And gearbox is maybe loosing oil.

but Twizy is a lot of fun and i dont regret buying it.

So the charger and Hazard warning light switch is a common fault and time Renault supplied an upgraded ones.
Not heard of any seats in the UK breaking yet.
Looks like a number of us are getting to the 5000 Mile mark and will need tyres then.
The brakes look much more sensible figures than some reported on here.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes, the new chargers are “improved”. They have around 10 % less power so they dont heat up so much. I dont know about improved hazard-light-switches and would be happy about further information about that.

to seat-support-failure: you dont really feel it, but when you look underneath, you will see it. They brake on a lot of twizy, i would check before warranty runs out. I can supply some pictures when i am back home.

When i checked this morning it said 4444 :cool: but ive been to work since then so probably around 4450 miles and no problems so far touch wood.

just coming up to 3000 miles, only problem recently is water in the hazard light switch…flat 12V battery over night twice:(

also recently invested in some better outside storage for twizy link below:


That’s a good find and looks ideal if you have somewhere to put it an anchor it down.
Thanks for sharing.

I reckon about 7k so far, must take a look.
Pretty reliable but in the wet the accelerator and brakes get sticky. Will book it in and have this looked at.
Had a problem with the Renault windows coming out of the sockets and damaging paintwork but a few weeks ago Renault repaired the paint and put new side decals on for me free of charge. it took some negotiating but they eventually came up with the goods.

7,500 so far but today bought myself a zoe, could not resist will pick it up tuesday…

Good stuff, can’t wait to hear about the Zoe :slight_smile:

I am currently at 18,000 miles. But couldnt use my twizy now for two weeks, because it’s at the workshop. :S