How many Twizy`s in your country or area?

I live in the county of Rogaland, Norway, where the oil city of Stavanger is. There is a population of 420 000 in the county and there is close to 500 Twizy`s and many more on order.

How many in your county or country?

I think we have 3, one of them is mine. I’m living in Gothenburg Sweden. Population 570k


The latest figure from the UK government for cars registered here is 471. (Google “VEH0128”)

That doesn’t surprise me. I sell windows for Twizys and most of my windows seem to be sent to this area…thank you !

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Teignbridge, Devon. I have had mine for over a year and it is the only one I, or anyone else, has seen… We are a holiday area and it has many admirers among the Grockels, aka holidaymakers.

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I live Derby/Nottingham area anyone else in my area?

I’m In chesterfield, Mark is just out side Derby on Notts side. Mine has been to Borrowash near derby several times. also into Nottingham.

I live in Denmark. I think there is around 30-40 here. Renault removed it from the market in Denmark last year☹️. Don’t know the reason for rhat. We still have the battery lease here.

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Bradford, West Yorkshire, apparently the dealer has sold another one, but I’ve not seen any.

In Orkney over Christmas/new year.
There are two twizys on the mainland and loads of other EV’s its a great island for green cars (even Tesla X here)
Can’t believe how many charging points there are and charging your car is still free up here aswell !!

That is very nice. Twizys are exelent on narrow roads and small places.
One major reason for me having one is that i can fit it in my garage next to my VW Touran “fossil fuel” car.

I’m on the Chesterfield side of Sheffield, not far from @Osbrook. My Twizy is a 2015 “Cargo”, a Renault demo unit t which I bought in 2016.

Qui in costa smeralda ci sono 4 twizy

I believe we got about 200 total for colombia in 2016, none in 2017 and they have started to sell more in 2018, my guess is another 200 so no more than 400 total. we are still a rare beast on the road

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There’s another twizy in derby. Black one and driver wears a crash helmet😀.

In a way the facts that there is fewer makes them a curiosity or a cult vehicle. In my area they are very high sought after and as soon as a used come on the marked they are sold, unless the seller keep a very high price on it. High price would be almost new price. I bought a new one becouse the used prices was just 20% of!
The waiting periode to get a new one is 4 months, the factory only start production when they have a named buyer according to Renault Norway.
Used they have very high prices here due to their popularity.

There’s only two near me and mine. I live in Carnoustie. There’s one in Dundee and a delivery in Perth. There was one in Aberdeen, my old one, but it’s now gone away down south. Mine may be going up for sale soon.

so i live in durham UK and mine is the first ive seen, also the local renault dealer so of the sales people, when i took mine up for a repair they had never seen one.

so i’m guessing theres not many if any round me.

Which dealer do you use ? Did you buy new ?

no second hand, and i bought it from Cornwall, got it transported up. though if i had know that you had to deal with RCI then i would have had second thoughts.

great car but a real shame about RCI and the lease buyout issues, and very unfair on UK owners.