How many Twizy's could you have sold by now?

Thought you might like to see the joy of my friend Hannah in my Twizy in the school car park… I did three test drives yesterday, was photographed a couple of times from passing vehicles and called a ‘w***er’ by a scaffolder I drove by this morning.

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Hannah was actually selling the car to her 20 friends who had all liked the post! Telling them about doors, the quietness and the engine and the freedom from petrol.

RE: the wanker comment. I’ve been called a c*nt before by a pedestrian, although negative reactions are in the minority thank god. You get the youngsters saying things and sometimes you can’t tell if they’re mocking you or genuinely intrigued by it. Other than that generally positive reactions. I’ve had a lot of people on the a13 slow down and video me on their phones.

With regards to the scaffolder, he is just an ignorant person with a very small and closed mind. You get those kinds of people in life and they’ll always be like that. I just ignore them and enjoy the fact that I’m probably ten times more intelligent than they are. And ten times more polite.

Only ever listen to people whose opinions you respect; only their comments matter

I’m quite trick at put downs and sarcasm and usually get the upper hand when someone is trying to be clever; it is often surprising how people backtrack when you challenge them. If you mowed the scaffolder down in it, how embarrassed would he be explaining what happened to his equally educated mates >:)

Anyway, I like my Twizy so that is all that matters :wink:

Re: selling the Twizy to others; mine has been driven by 15 people I know and I am endlessly taking people in the back.

I have an arrangement with the local Renault dealer that a member of staff has given me a box of his business cards and they will reward me when anyone demos/buys after speaking to me.

99% of the response to the Twizy is positive; the other 1% consists of wonky eyed manual labourers (only when in groups) and feral youths in oversize footwear with an inability to control the amount of hair product they use.

Could have sold six more Twizy’s today if it had windows, as it was drizzling with rain… A bit too wet to finish fitting my home made windows today as I have no garage to do that.

I’m intrigued and will be keen to see how they perform in use, keep posting!

I had a bottle trown at me by 2 drunks, that was on a test drive.

In terms of sales, we possibly 10. Most of the time I have been trying to sell them at deallerships ands promo events, cos they don’t seem to try.

When I get mine next week, i have asked if I can have their other one for the weekend so the whole family can do a trip around the wirral.

I will see another one on the Wirral, I WILL!

haha, you guys have made me realise Glasgow really is the friendly city…touch wood reactions from all ages here have been positive and never has one man with car met so many people !

Have you tried Easterhouses after 11pm on a Saturday night? You would certainly meet people 8-|

Glasgow is cool :wink:

Joking aside guys.

Did you know that if you refer someone to buy a Twizy you should get a referral fee. My dealer offers £100 not sure if that is national or just that dealer.

I may be getting one, but for referring someone who wants a Clio not a Twizy.

Just though you would like to know.

I have a similar deal too :wink:

Could have sold two more Twizy’s today with one guy taking pictures of my windows too… People wanted to know how comfortable it is. Never sure what to say about the bumps and avoiding grids and pot holes.