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How many Twizy's have you seen?

I have been driving my Twizy since June 2012 in the Reigate/Crawley/Dorking/Weybridge?Guildford area. In that time I have seen just 2 other Twizy’s, one in Lymington last August, and one yesterday, travelling in the oppossite direction to me (waving furiously at me!) on the A25 near Buckland, Surrey! Is this normal, or are are there very few Twizy’s in Surrey / the South?

Apart from the Renault Road show, I have never seen another Twizy on the road. In fact the only other ‘live’ ones I have seen is the Dealer one and the 4/5 at Goodwood. Such a shame in over 13+ months.

Not that I live in an area known to have any Twizys.

There are 9 round here (though we own 8 of them!). Unfortunately, because they’re still a novelty, people seem to think there can be only one, so will claim to have seen you recently somewhere you know you weren’t.

I have seen about 9-10 different Twizys in the southern part of Norway.
Right now I’m looking at 5. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a few out and about in London. By no means are they a common sight though.

I am in Milton Keynes and I have had my Twizy for about 5 months now. I have never come across another yet. I have asked the dealer how many they have sold. They are a bit cagey about it and said a few but to out of town buyers. Don’t know whether to believe them or not. I am dying to come across another Twizy, so I can wave to the driver. Used to do it in 2CVs and I am sure they are still doing it.

Why is the Twizy so popular in Norway? Like the UK, Norway hasn’t really got the right Twizy weather.

Well. It’s not that popular - yet. The Twizy were not launched in Norway until march '13. So it’s still a brand spanking new curious thing. :slight_smile:
I work at a large Renault dealership, but since march i think we have delivered only 5 or 6. (Don’t know how many has been sold).
One of the reasons could be that electric cars/quads dont have any taxes at all. No import tax, not even VAT. And that’s huge for us norwegians. :slight_smile:
(Example: a megane rs costs about 50.000£ here, if they were sold)
The weather is about the same. -25°C in the winter (can be colder, but not in the south where i live) and 30°C in the summer. :slight_smile:
Btw. It’s not bad weather - only bad clothes. :slight_smile:

I have seen so many time. but not recently. i means not in the last week or so.

Here on the edge of Madrid Ive seen about 4 or 5 Twizys and tend to see at least one of them at frequency of once every 2-3 weeks.

Here in Leicester I’ve seen mine…and that’s it! :smiley:
There are two on the Renault Forecourt but they don’t count!


Never seen one around here, but there is one in Chilwell so I am told, that is about 5 miles from me, it has a lady owner apparently.

I’ve seen two around here, at southern northeastern Belgium, not including mine.

Here in Leiden (Netherlands) I haven’t seen any other than mine.

Only one I’ve seen on the road ba Mine and Road shows was a pizza Delivery one in Old Hill West Midlands

I believe that there may be around 300 in the UK, so it is suprising not to have seen more. The Renault dealer that supplied mine is naturally very cagey about numbers, suggesting they may have sold 5 or 6 to one customer in London and 2 or 3 to someone else. There is one about 8 miles from me, that was active on this site, but I’ve never seen it. I guess it must be due to the low annual mileages that the average Twizy covers - in my case about 1600 miles.

RCS told me there were between 6-800. but that’s such a vague figure for someone who must have the correct figures that I don’t know whether to believe it.

Well at the end of Q1 2013 there were 310 registered Renault Twizys according to the government (See table VEH0128) but I imagine that may not include dealer vehicles that have not been fully registered. That was a 12% increase in numbers compared with the end of 2012, and it was winter. I’d be surprised if there are more than 400 by now.

Seen two different ones this week. Just got back from hols, close to Salou,Spain.
One on the beach which was a police vehicle and a rental one around town.
Got some pics of the police one to post up later.

Yes Please! :slight_smile: