How many Twizy's

Not sure if anyone has any exact figures.
When I asked at Milton Keynes dealer about 4 weeks ago, the reply was “between 5 and 10”, I figure that meant 2, 1 being the demo car :wink:
The dealer I used in Aylesbury had one in the showroom, but clearly hadn’t yet sold a car, as they weren’t clued up on the paperwork for the battery lease.
What is your guestimate, because I cant imagine there are many outside of the M25.
Not sure if it will catch on in the UK, lots of people who see mine love it, but would they buy an actual car ?
What do you think ?

I’m beginning to wonder whether it will catch on or not. I think Renault really need to start pushing it as our bleak summer hasn’t helped! They released a TV ad and did some stuff on the London underground, but that’s it really. I think they would be wise to re-run the TV ad now that a lot more people have seen them about.

If I was Renault, I’d be thinking about releasing a ‘Winter Pack’ accessory add on for Twizys in the UK. There must be something they can do to make them a bit warmer for those cold winter mornings. I suspect that is the reason people love them, but won’t buy them. The practicality of them in the British climate.

I was the first customer at my dealership (Romford), wouldn’t know if they’ve sold any more though.

It seems to be more businesses buying them in the UK. They are perfect as little runarounds for holiday camps and hotels, or for nature parks etc.

I bought the first one from my dealer, who has since sold 1 more to Meadow Hall shopping centre for use by security.
I had a chat with security they see it as a toy for the night shift to see if they can tip it up!
They showed me the charging points 10 of them at Meadow hall. Will give them a try.

ecofunkytravel has a few 5- 7 plus there is a hotel in the lake district.

Winter will be interesting, switching from bytrail bike to 4 wheels in the frost. I will just wear my motorbike coat and a hat. I had considered windows until the issues mentioned about weak pneumatic arms.

Also deliveries are still really bad. Still takes weeks to get them intothe country.

What doesn’t help is the accessories have changed. ie. the luggage back isn’t zvailable due to some disagreement between Renault and the manufacturer.

I got my car in 3 days :smiley:
Guess I was lucky with the spec.

You were lucky, but mine was built a few days before I ordered it. It was not the spec but the trouble with shipping them. They come on palettes in the back of a lorry and Renault need a full load before shipping. Hence the 47 day wait.

At the recent SMMT meeting the Twizy was described as “the fastest selling EV in the UK”… I can’t remember the exact figures but will see if I can find them in the transcript :slight_smile:

Renault said 7000 sold, 1000 to the Germans. But I think what we were looking for was UK says, which appear to be a little slow. Possibly due to the UK weather.

SMMT represents UK interests… here are the figures reported in June;

[FONT=Arial]2011 EV registrations totalled 2,630. January to April 2012 saw 935 Renault Twizy registrations and 649 Renault Kangoo ZE registrations

These figures for the Twizy appear high. As the car did not get release in the UK until Late April then really the only registered ones would be for the 15 ZE dealers plus a few extra demo ones. 935 Twizys before April in the UK has to be wrong, or have I read it wrong?

That figure surely has to be for Europe. The Twizy wasn’t released until April. There’s no way 935 were registered in the UK by that point.

Sorry, you’re correct, that was France (we had a French EV delegation at the meeting)… I’ll look out the UK figure when I get a moment.

Latest I’ve heard is 250 approx in the UK. Hopefully more in Scotland when they finish the 3 day roadshow this weekend in Glasgow’s George Square…

Well, 8 have been sold in rural and hilly Southern Powys (7 of them part of the Eco Travel Network). The Twizy is promoted (to the extent that it is) as an urban runabout, but we think it can work just as well in a rural setting. [Whether the Renault road side recovery will function here remains to be seen! :wink: ]

That looks really interesting, i would think its a great car for wizzing around the countryside.
Might work on the logistics of popping over in mine.

This really is an amazing project and the Brecon Beacons is truly stunning… it would be great if we could get our ICE-Age chums to visit and drive a Twizy for a few days :slight_smile:

when i went to the goodwood moving motorshow they had about 20 twizys in total as demos. I couldnt get a drive of one as they ran out of slots, ended up driving some god awful Dacia Duster, still i drove round goodwood! :smiley: Id be interested to see how everyone does in the winter. I cant imagine driving a scooter in the uk could be much fun with the road conditions and bad drivers so they need to appeal to this crowd. I also think people love their speed so the 50mph limit might put people off. I do think in the uk the biggest thing that gets cars sold is seeing them on the roads. We are all early adopters and are interested in cars that arent out yet or are new to market. Once everyone sees a model on the road they want one and learn what car it is. Ive seen this with my Citroen DS3 over the last year and a half. hardly any where on the roads back when i got mine and now its increasing steadily, even our club gets bigger by the day. Im sure youve all experienced the “wow that cars cool, what is it? i want one” :smiley:

Check this then, cant be right surely✓&q=Renault+TWIZY

What!?!?!?! No bag? That was one of my main things I needed. Might have to purchase a different and use my secondary school sewing skills to fasten straps.

Have yet to purchase mine, the guy who is the “expert” always appears to be on holiday.

From speaking to the other people there they claim about 10 have been sold in the area. I do not believe that, but people have said they have seen some around Liverpool.

At least there will be one on the Wirral, if i can just pin him down.

Its a shame the bag is not an option anymore, Its in the April Price guide but not the July one.

The weather could play a part in it, but the way I see it i was looking at a quad and i would have got wet on that. So the fact it has a bit of a roof is better for me. Have purchase a waterproof jacket. When I had the One without doors for the weekend, in the rain I was still fairly dry. Even my four year old in the back was dry, but incased in ice.

In terms of up take, we the Summer has been a rubbish pitch. When I drove the one I had borrowed, I had lots of people ask questions, I even gave it the sales pitch. On the flip side I also had drunks and children throw stuff at me. But I thought if I was in a Lamboghini i would get the same treatment. Oh how the rich must live.