How much did you pay for winter tires?

Just ordered complete winter tires from my dealer. Had to pay £805 (8050 NOK here in norway). Found them a bit on the expensive side, but was the only alternative i found for a complete set.

£805 !!! That sounds very very very expensive.
I am sure someone on here got them for less than half that amount on the internet.

£805?! Is that a typo? :astonished:

Its not a typo.


I assume these are the kind of tyres you bought?

Yea, but thats only the tire, i got the rims and everything.

Ahh ok, that’ll be why then! Thought it sounded expensive just for tyres! :laughing:

Well, i plan to use my Twizy as a fulltime “car”, and if i need to get a dealer to switch out the tires for a few seasons it worth it in the long run.

I bought the steel rims from renault 45 Euros each and the rires from , 38 Euros Each. These are not exacltly the rekommended sizes but close. Fronts are 145/70-13 and rear 155/70-13 to keep some difference between front/rear.
The reason for the tire sizes on the twizy is safety, the car should always understeer. The german twizy community have adopted 145/70-13 in front for a more neutral handling twizy. That with original size tires in the rear. So I think I will be fine with these dimensions.