How much do people find it cost them to charge their Twizy from flat?

I am trying to work out how much I’[m saving driving my twizy, so on those hard days when I’m freezing to death, I can just think on the money I’m saving and so the pain doesnt feel as bad. I know what the manufactures say but they cant be trusted.

Does any one know? Has anyone worked it out, per kwh it takes so I can work it out with my electricity tariff, thanks in advance.

The Twizy draws 10 amps therefore over 1 hour it draws 2400w or 2.4KW.

However that depends on how near it is to 100%. as there is a drop off towards the end - say last 15 mins.

ie. a full charge is 8kwh.

Over 4 years, we have averaged 140 watt-hours (from the plug) per mile - but we’re setting out to use as little energy as possible, so YMMV… In our case that’s about 7 miles to the unit of electricity from the mains, about 2p a mile. But whatever it is, I’m sorry to say it is dwarfed by the battery rental. Though that isn’t 100% attributable to your mileage (there is a significant element that covers breakdown recovery) it’s still more than the electricity cost.

thanks for this, does that means for every twizy it use 8kwh to charge from flat to full. Also is it better to charge it up when it completely flat than half full? thanks in advance.

Approx 8kwh to charge from flat - correct.

As the battery is leased then who cares about whether it is better to charge when ever or at set SOC s.

If owning the battery then not letting get below 20% and not over charging above 80% are the optimum. Certainly (if owning the battery) don’t charge until 6 bars have been used and then charge to 100% and occasionally leave until the charger fans cut out.(3.5 to 12 hours).

I’ve stuck the the 4 bars left before recharge (when I could) and charged to 100% after 4.5 years I believe I have lost 3%.

I believe but cannot prove, that letting the battery charger run on after the dash reaches 100% and turns off is when the battery balancing takes place which is key to maintaining a good battery and range. The variation before cut off is down to the state of the balance the batteries are in and the amount of balancing it requires. Also affected by the temperature the battery is at when charging.

Sod it I lease mine I’ll do what I want and let Renault sort it latter. Unless then stop battery rental and the battery becomes mine. Then I will have wished I was more careful.:cry:

Thanks so much for the advice, but I own my battery. Do I understand what you said is that the manufacturer say, to prolong life, never charge when at 0% optimum is 40% and then charge to 100% and leave the battery on charge until it cuts out its self, is that right? thanks in advance :slight_smile: