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How much will a Twizy be worth in 100 years time?

Was just thinking, if Renault were to stop selling Twizys at least in this country in the near future due to poor sales, I wonder what would happen to their price in the long run. Would it go down as better EVs come out? Or would it be seen as a super rare vehicle whose value increases because it was one of the first and is also very unique?

I will probably just hold on to mine for as long as I can, in the hope that one day some rich person wants one for their collection :wink:

Virtually anything that is kept in immaculate condition will one day become a collectors item. I think the Twizy in time will become one. Look what happened to the Sinclair C5, and that was rubbish.

Perhaps - but as C5 owners wouldn’t get anything near the purchase price, and Twizy owners have to pay £600pa for the battery lease, it’ll never break even!

As “Back to the Future” helped the DeLorean maybe we need a film to include the Twizy in a starring role.


A Dr Who episode? He could keep it in the Tardis!