How properly store Twizy

Hi everyone

I am not using twizy in winter time. It standing in my parking for 2 month. Can you help me how to keep it right?

3 years ago my segway was standing for 3 month at home with full charged battery. And after 3 month I tried to charge it and my batteries were dead. When I called my segway dealer they said segway should always be on charge(just put socket to AC and battery won’t dead). So finally I bought new battery for segway. So last 2 years at winter my segway is always plugged into socket and battery works fine at spring time.

I am wondering how should I keep my twizy when I am not using it for long period?

Yeh, the 12V battery in the twizy going dead is the main thing to look out for, either unplug the 12v for duration (just as temperamental) or have the charging set on timer to too tup and hold its charge say, every Monday - you can get those smart timers easily.

RTFM It explains about pulling fuses. also keep the traction battery at only 60%. The 12v battery can be maintained off the car if required. I don’t see the need to leave plugged in in fact that is worse for the lithium battery.

Alexandr asked the question, evmeerkat answered. Hehe. SIMPLES!