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How to adjust the door lock

Hello !
Your door operates badly ?
a video
an article in my blog

Thanks for that.

Could you please add the adjustment of the two lower guides to the next video?

By just adjusting the lock, I found the doors rattles but opened more easily. It’s getting a balance of the two lower adjustable “prong” guides and catches and the actual door catch that sets the door up properly so it opens correctly without dragging but also does not rattle or shake on the move.

The guides are fairly flimsy and can squeak-my dealer had filed them to be rough too.

I used to do my door alignment about once a week to have perfectly opening, rattle, squeak and shake free doors. It’s only a five minute job with a torx tool.

Great video. I have adjusted my doors now as per instruction. Thanks.

I guess you mean the 2 guides that are at the bottom of the door and in which 2 black pins go inside ?

Do you know how the door trims comes off on these?

Yes, that’s it…as said the dealer had “roughened” mine before I got it to stop them squeaking.

I found they were made of fairly soft plastic and it was not possible to really tighten them hard enough to stay permanently in place, but with a bit of messing once every so often the door would open and lift up, then shut with no rattling or squeaking. Every time I washed mine, I’d do this and check tyre pressures, lights etc.

Cheers for good posts