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How to calculate Electricity Cost?

Someone asked me the other day how much it costs to charge the Twizy, I made a guess but I didn’t really know…
So, does anyone know how to calculate the exact cost for charging the Twizy.


I’m sure we have done this before.

3.5 hours to charge from flat. asumming 10amps for the full period (known that the last 30mins is less )
3.5 * 10 * 220v = 7,700

12p per Kwh
.12 * 7.7 = £0.924

So take the time to charge multiply by the voltage and current (3.5hours * 200Volts * 10amps)
Divide by 1000 to make Kilowatts.
Multiply this my what you pay for your KW/H (12p)

So a free charge can be worth £1.
Solar charging savers you £1

What starts to get more interesting for me is the Petrol comparission.
1 gallon of petrol is around £6 so multiply your range by 6 to get (6 * £1 charges) to get yout equiverlent range.
6 *44miles = 264 mpg.

I reckon running a Twizy costs about 2p a mile in electricity, but 12p a mile in battery!

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Nice one, will check out my home deal later, just found out I was getting fleeced at work last week, so changed :smiley:

Here is my costs so far.

Not Factored the battery yet.