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How to check SOH (Battery health) with Powerbox?

I don’t have any instructions for my Powerbox and need to check the Battery SOH before I take the plunge and buy the battery outright. :blush:
Does anyone have a PDF of the Powerbox v1 manual?



Hey Andy,

see the screens below, follow in order:

hold down one of these buttons.

press button 2.

press button 1.

B-Health is your SOH.

Thanks a lot for the information :grin:
I will check it tonight and report back my SOH for other members reference.


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I have my doubts about 100% healthy battery after 8000 miles and eight years , plus i always keep the battery topped up to full :rofl:

Also here :relaxed:

Same here :neutral_face:
I checked my Battery Health with the Powerbox and it said 100% on my 2012 Twizy that has done 30,000 Miles.


What’s the most the battery cells charge to?
If they were 4.15v each- mine now charge to 4.08 - so a slight reduction. The batteries are LG cells rated for 15plus years.

yeah , someone makes great batteries :rofl:

How are you able to buy the battery please?

Just phone RCI and have a discussion.
It seems they are now accepting offers - maybe they know something we dont!

Paid for my Battery yesterday :grin:
Cheap Motoring from now on :+1:
By my calculations at todays Petrol and Electricity prices my Twizy is doing the equivalent of 220 Miles to the Gallon :blush:


What do you mean “offers”?

Seems to be a lot of active users on here and potential powerbox owners , wonder if owners can share battery SOH data with mileage and year of twizy?

Mines a April 2012 with 8000 miles and SOH of 100% :thinking:

Should make for interesting reading with RCI offering battery buy outs at the moment?

Mine is Jan 2015 / 6k miles showing (when charged to 100%) 100% SOH and each cell holding 4.13v with a total of 57.82v.
I’d be really interested to see how that compares to others too, might make my mind up whether to pay the £1500 being asked for the battery buyout.

I’m guessing everyone is not sharing the battery data because they haven’t brought the pack off RCI and worried the price might go up if the battery is in good health :laughing: